Class Teachers 2020/21

Below you will see the class teachers for the 2020/21 school year. Unfortunately not all positions could be filled by the end of the school year, as we have been awaiting permission from the Department of Education to do so. We will be in contact as soon as possible with further news of teacher allocations.

Junior Infants – Ms. N. O’Halloran

Junior / Senior Infants – Ms. A. Healy

Senior Infants – Ms. L. Healy

1st Class – Ms. A. O’Toole

1st / 2nd – To Be Confirmed

2nd Class – Ms. E. O’Shea

3rd Class – Ms. C. O’Sullivan

3rd / 4th Class – Ms. C. Flanagan

4th Class – Ms. C. Fogarty

5th Class – Ms. N. Tutundjian

5th / 6th Class – Mr. N. O’Sullivan

6th Class – Mr. S. Scanlon

Ms. S. McDonald – Ms. McDonald’s Class


Support Teachers

Ms. R. O’Donovan

Ms. J. O’Brien

Ms. H. Carney

Ms. I. Daly

-To Be Confirmed

Virtual Sports Week – Traditional games

We hope you have had fun taking part in our Virtual Sports Week challenges. To finish the week, we are encouraging traditional games at home. We have two examples below, but maybe your parents have games that they played in school?

Ms. Flanagan and Mr. O’Connell had a sack race which can be seen below. You can find an old sack or a refuse bag and have your own sack race with family members.


You will also see Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Flanagan, Ms. Brady, Ms. Duggan and Ms. O’Shea playing Queenie-O. One person throws the ball over their head and must guess who has caught it.


Have fun and please share with your teacher by e-mail if you can do so!

Virtual Sports Week – Landing and Skipping

Today we are landing and skipping for Virtual Sports Week.

Below you will see Ms. Fogarty and Ms. Brady playing Jack Be Nimble. You can use any items you can find at home to create a low hurdle to jump over.


30 second skipping challenge

Just like yesterday’s throwing challenge, today we are asking you to count how many times you can skip in 30 seconds.

Remember to share your activities with your teacher through their e-mail address.

Have fun!

Virtual Sports Week – Throwing and Balancing

The weather has really been against us for the first two days of our Virtual Sports Week. Don’t worry if you didn’t get to complete the suggested activities, you can do them any time and share with your teacher!

Today we are throwing and balancing.

Below you will see Ms. O’Callaghan throwing a tennis ball off the wall and catching it. See how many times you can do this in 30 seconds.


Next is the shoe balance challenge. Below you will see Ms. Brady and Ms. O’Shea balancing one shoe on the other. See if you can do this for 30 seconds.


Take a video and share with your teacher! Have fun!

Virtual Sports Week – Kicking

The weather wasn’t great for our first day of Virtual Sports Week, and if you didn’t get out for your walk or run, don’t worry! You can still do it at any time this week and send on your picture.

Today we have some kicking challenges for you.

1. Through the gate

Below you will see Mr. Scanlon and Mr. O’Sullivan kicking through the cones. If you don’t have cones, you can use any other item as your ‘gate’. Try kick the ball on the ground, and try kick out of your hands.

2. Kick a target

Below you will see Mr. O’Connell kicking a target in the corner of the goal. You can choose any target at home and aim to knock it down.


3. Wall and through the goal

This time you will see Mr. O’Connell kicking the ball off the wall and through a goal. (This one took a few takes). You can make it harder by moving further from the wall before kicking.

4. Wall ball

Mr. O’Sullivan and Mr. Scanlon played a game of wall ball. With a partner, kick the ball off the wall, with the aim being to kick the ball before it stops. We are sure you will do better than the two teachers!


Why not create your own versions of the videos above, make your own rules and be creative with your resources. Maybe try a trick shot?

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun!

Virtual Sports Week

Every day this week, we will post activities for children and families to complete during our Virtual Sports Week.

Our annual 5K run/walk was due to take place this evening. Today we are asking children and families to go for a walk or run, and share a picture with their teacher by e-mail or post on our Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy the fun this week!