Today was our last day in school before our Halloween break and we had a busy, fun filled day! All of the children dressed up in their Halloween costumes. In the morning we talked about our Halloween plans. As part of our History lesson during the week, the children had asked their parents questions at home about what they used to do at Halloween when they were small, so today, the children shared their information with the group.

We had a very special visitor today. Rose’s grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Kelleher came to talk to us about what Halloween was like when she was small. The children learned a lot from her and asked very thoughtful questions.

We carved a pumpkin before lunchtime. It was a messy job but great fun.

At 11:40 it was showtime! The children in Junior Infants gave a great performance of Rólaí Pólaí and Autumn Leaves. The audience gave us a big cheer.

Take a look at the photos below of our exciting day. Happy Halloween!




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