Online Learning week 6

Wednesday 17th February

I was getting very hungry looking at all the yummy pictures of pancakes you were sending in yesterday! Well done to everyone!

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Reina made a giant caterpillar out of her play doh. Look how long it is!

Happy Midterm!!!

Well done for all your hard work over the last 6 weeks. You are doing great. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing from you all again next week.

I loved looking at all of your dream bedroom constructions. Which one id your favourite? Dream bedroom

Enjoy the break you more then deserve the few days off.

Mini Project

Maths Correct your PM from yesterday. You will find Tuesdays answers here.


Daily 10 (try to do level 5 in one of the tables to challenge yourself) and  Hit the button are great to help you revise your tables.

The game today is:  Multiplication snake

Long multipliation.

PM p. 88 A 1. a)- c), 2. a)- c) and 3 a)-c)

In these sums you follow the exact same method you have been using except you also multiply the hundreds each time. Here is Ms Flanagan’s video from Monday again if you need it: Maths help video

English For Geography  yesterday we were looking at where the president of Ireland lives. Imagine if you were the president of Ireland what changes would you make? No school? No more homework? Parents have to pay their children wages? Make the weekend 4 days instead of two?

Today you are going to write a poem with the title If I Were President.

Read this poem from Ken Nesbitt ‘If I Were Principal’ to help give you ideas. Just like last week your poem does not have to rhyme and you can use some lines from Ken Nesbitts poem to help you with yours.

If I Were the Principal

Gaeilge Read the questions and decide whether it is true (fíor) or false (breagach):

Open up the following picture and choose two children to describe (you can do all three if you want to challenge yourself) The first one is done for you so use that to help you. Use the vocab in your sheet and the words from Monday to help you. Don’t forget to use adjectives.

Gaeilge – Tuesday

History/Geography I love reading this story to my little boy I hope you enjoy it too. “The President’s Glasses” The Presidents glasses

Can you remember the names of all the places mentioned in the story. Why not have a go at writing as many as you can remember. Then you could play the video again and see how many you got.

You could open up google maps and see if you can find all the different places in Dublin.


Religion Today is Ash Wednesday, 17th February. It always comes the day after Pancake Tuesday or Shrove Tuesday It is a day where we begin our preparations for Easter. It is a reminder of the time Jesus spent 40 days and nights in the desert fasting and praying.
Today, some churches will have ashes available in envelopes at the back of the church, for people to take home and distribute to their family members.Watch this power point explaining Ash Wednesday: Ash WednesdayHere is a link to a sheet where you can write down your Lenten Promises.OR You could try this activity sheet instead. CLICK HERE

Tuesday 16th February

Happy Pancake Tuesday! I have given you a reduced amount of work today to give you plenty of time to make some Pancakes and enter the class pancake competition. Send in your picture of your pancakes and the best one will get a work off pass!

You will find the answers to yesterday here: Mondays answers

Mini project here: Mini Project – This is the last of the SCRATCH projects created by Niall.

Maths Correct your PM from yesterday.


I will be posting different games every couple of days but Daily 10 (try to do level 5 in one of the tables to challenge yourself) and  Hit the button are great to help you revise your tables.

The game today is:  Multiplication snake

Long multipliation.

PM p. 87 B 1-3 (11 long multiplication sums to do today) Watch Ms. Flanagan’s video from yesterday again if you need help: Maths help video

English I’m sure you all know today is Pancake Tuesday so I have made a lesson based around it for today. If you want I have also included some nice fun activities for you to do. You do not have to complete them.

Watch this power point to learn some interesting facts about pancake Tuesday Pancake Tuesday

Now it’s your turn to make some pancakes. I know you can buy readymade mixes from the shop but why not try to make your own batter for your pancakes. You will find the procedure here: Pancake recipe

I am running a competition for the best pancake. Be sure to send me a picture of your pancake before you eat it. Do you prefer it folded or rolled? Sugar and lemon or chocolate? Cheese and ham or strawberries and cream? What is your favourite?

If you would like to try some pancakes with a twist there are more recipes here: Delicious pancake recipes

How big can you make your pancake? How many flips can you do in one minute? How high can you toss your pancake? Do you think you have what it takes to get into the world records book? Have a look at some of the world records around pancakes here: World records

If you would like to do some extra activities to do with Pancake Tuesday click here. (you do not have to do these activities if you do not want to.) Pancake Tues Activities

History/Geog Yesterday was Presidents day in America. We don’t have a Presidents day in Ireland but our president is still very important.

Today we are going to take a virtual tour of Aras an Uachtaráin. This is where the President of Ireland lives. The current president is Micheal D Higgins and he is the 9th ever president of Ireland. The first ever president of Ireland was Douglas Hyde and even he lived in Aras an Uachtaráin.

As you move through the rooms see if you can find the answers to the questions below.  Interactive tour

1. What animal can you see in the courtyard of Aras An Uachtaráin?

2. What musical instrument and Irish symbol is painted in a circle on the wall of the entrance hall?

3. What logo is at the top of the pole in the centre of the horse stables?

4. What colour is the bench by the boat pond?

5. How many pictures are on the wall in the state dining hall? (Who do you think these people are?)

6. How many square pictures are on the ceiling in the entrance hall?

Now go to the children’s section of the website: and click on who, what and where to find the answers to the following questions:

7: What is the presidents wife’s name?

8: How many children does he have?

9: Name one job the president has.

10: When was Aras an Uachtaráin built?

Why not take the quiz at the end of one of the pages to see how much information you can remember.

Monday 15th February

Amy’s Valentines art sketch and Charlottes Valentines love bugs.

Make sure to send the rest of your Jerusalema videos in before Wednesday if you want you day off working from home!

Good morning boys and girls. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. We have a short week in school this week so I have decided to change our lessons a little bit for the next three days.

Your answers from Friday are here: Answers from Friday

Can you clear Niall’s SCRATCH game? Make sure not to touch the walls!


Maths Correct your PM from Friday


I will be posting different games every couple of days but Daily 10 (try to do level 5 in one of the tables to challenge yourself) and  Hit the button are great to help you revise your tables.

The new game today is:  Multiplication snake


Long multipliation.

PM p. 87 A g)- i) See this video on how to do these sums: Pm p87 A

PM p. 87 2 c)-e), 3 c)-e) and 4 c)-e) Watch this video on how to do these sums PM p87 2,3+4

English We are going to take a break from Starlight this week and do a few alternative English lessons. The lesson today is about heroes.

When we think of heroes, we think of superheroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. But did you know you can be a real life hero too?

Today Múinteoir Ray talks about Marcus Rashford. He is a very good footballer and plays for Manchester United. But what is really amazing about Marcus is what he does when he is not scoring goals. Watch Muinteir Ray chatting about him, watch closely at how Muinteoir Ray fills out the factfile for Marcus Rashford.  Marcus Rashford

If you would like to read more information about Marcus Rashford click here Marcus Rashford

Now I want you to think of one hero you know. It can be someone known personally to you, someone famous or someone in your community. Make out a fact file box for your hero. You can lay it out exactly like Muinteoir Ray does in the video above. You may need to use the internet to find out some information about your hero or if it is someone you know you might be able to ring them to ask them. If you are finding it tricky to decide what a hero is watch the kid president talk to Tom Hanks about heroes: Heroes

Here are some heroes from the past you could write about: Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Anne Frank, Walt Disney, Helen Keller, Micheal Collins, Bob Dylan, Walt Disney. Or maybe you know a nurse or doctor or someone else working through this pandemic and think they are a hero.

Spellings: Because this week is mid-term you do not have any spellings.

Gaeilge You will be happy to hear we do not have F+F or verb activities this week! Spend some time instead revising your vocab.

Vocab sheet – you should know all your vocab and phrases by this week. It would be really good if you could practice your comhra with someone at home, dress up or hold a fashion show. A great idea would be to do a zoom with your friend in class and practice your vocab, describe what each other is wearing.

Today we are looking at adjectives as Gaeilge. When we are describing clothes as Gaeilge the describing word normally comes after the item of clothing (the opposite to what happens in English) e.g. hata ildate – colourful hat, gúna gleoitepretty dress.

Match up the twelve items of clothes to the correct description at the bottom of the page. If you have a printer you can print out the page if not just write out the list of clothes in your copy and number them 1-12. Gaeilge worksheet for Monday

If you come across new adjectives that were not in your voacb sheet there is space to write them in in the second column!

Geography We are going on a school tour today! We are going to Dublin Zoo from the comfort of our own homes! Watch all the videos in the link below to find the answers to these 10 questions. Don’t forget the bonus question! I will post the answers tomorrow.

Dublin Zoo tour

1.      How many Asian elephants were in the water altogether?

2.      True or false: A meerkat has a tail.

3.      What kind of animal is a Red-Capped Mangabey?

4.      Is a King Ratsnake a rat or a snake?

5.      What kind of creature is a White Egret?

6.      What kind of a pattern does an okapi have on its legs?

7.      What U.S. state are the sealions from?

8.      What did the Asian lion pick up with his mouth?

9.      In the video, where was the red panda?

10.  What does a Red River Hog have on its back?

11.  Bonus Question: What was your favourite animal on the virtual tour? Give three reasons why.

Mini project. Because we have a short week this week this mini project will run for two weeks. You do not have to have it completed until the 26th of February. The mini project this week is a mixture of History, Geography, art and Science. There are many different parts to this project but the main aim of the project is to construct a tower using either tin foil or paper. There will be a work off voucher for the best tower. Have fun!

Tower design