Ms. Duggan 21/22

Here is a throw back to what we got up to in December

Heritage Projects

We had two pupils complete individual projects for the Cork Heritage Projects and we were lucky enough to get a presentation from both Ethan and Robert of their work.

Ethan chose the topic of Pairc Ui Chaomh and did a fantastic job of educating our class on the history of Pairc Ui Chomh as well as his own opinions and findings. He had lots of photos and even visited the grounds himself and was lucky enough to get in for a free match!! Ethan also made a fantastic model, thinking outside the box and baking a cake of the pairc.

Robert chose the English Market to complete his project, knowing there was lots of information available on this popular Cork location. Robert went to the market himself to check his information and met the local traders, one man in particular is known for meeting the queen of England on her visit to Cork. He explained the history of the market and gave his personal opinions to the class. Robert captured the beauty of the market in both his photos and his model.

November has flown by and we were busy again in 5th and 6th class.
We did lots of different art activities, below you can see our chalk polar bears!

We did 2D shapes for maths and did lots of fun activities on tangrams!

We finalised our marine projects and presented them on zoom to Shazia from the lifetime lab.

We started learning how to play tag rugby, beginning with some drills and activities. We are a very sporty class!


Another busy month here in 5th & 6th class! We have been learning about The Renaissance in History and created lots of art based on the Mona Lisa.

Our Mona Lisa Collage

Mona Lisa Pop Art
Our own Mona Lisa creations

We took part in zoom lessons with the lifetime lab, learning all about marine life. We are currently completing projects based on marine life.

Shazia from the lifetime lab on zoom

We did some spooky Halloween Art and dressed up for our last day before midterm. Finishing up with some games, a movie and popcorn!