Health Promotion

Title of Policy : School Lunches and Nutrition Policy
Scope: To whom does it apply?
All the pupils of the school and their parents/guardians.

1. Rationale
A healthy lifestyle is on of the best and most enjoyable ways to promote health. One of the chief ways to promote a healthier lifestyle is to eat a healthy varied diet and to exercise regularly. A healthy diet is one which provides a variety of foods in the correct amounts to ensure that all requirements for essential nutrients are met each day. A nutritious diet is especially important during earlier years when children are growing rapidly and need constant supplies of essential nutrients. In addition, good eating habits are formed early in life at a time when parents have most control over what their children eat. By the time children reach adolescence, their taste preferences may be established and it is more difficult to change eating patterns. A school lunches and nutrition policy supports the role of parents in promoting a healthy lifestyle for their child.

2. Relationship with the School’s Mission /Vision?Aims
Through the Social, Personal and Health Education Programme (S.P.H.E.), Scoil Naomh Miche�l aims to promote lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits. Teachers play a valuable role in communicating and supporting the healthy eating message. The adoption of a whole school approach to healthy eating helps to ensure that consistent messages about healthy eating are communicated through all aspects of school life including nutrition information, healthy school lunches and physical activity.

3. Goals/Objectives
To support the role of parents in promoting healthy eating habits among the pupils of Scoil Naomh Miche�l; To facilitate the implementation of the Personal and Health Education Programme (S.P.H.E.), in partnership with the Department of Education and Science.