Green Flag


Well done to all of our prizewinners from the Green Schools colouring, poster and slogan competitions. See pictures of some of the winners below. Their works of art are on display. IMG_6834 IMG_6835 IMG_6836 IMG_6837




Action Day: February 2016

Plans are underway for our Action Day on Wednesday February 17th. To help us raise awareness, our Infant classes are doing a colouring competition, 1st and 2nd class are going to take part in a poster competition and 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class are going to take part in a slogan competition. The winning entries will be displayed in the Halla. We have lots of exciting things planned for the day.

Curriculum Work: January 2016

All of our classes are doing some curriculum work on the topic of water during this school year to support our Green Flag work. Below are some pictures of our Senior Infants’ responses to their lessons on Water and some pictures of our Junior Infants enjoying Water Play.

IMG_6695 IMG_6696 IMG_6697 IMG_6698 IMG_6699 IMG_6700 IMG_6701 IMG_6702 IMG_6703 IMG_6704 IMG_6705 IMG_6706 IMG_6708 IMG_6709 IMG_6710 IMG_6711 IMG_6712 IMG_6715 IMG_6716 IMG_6717IMG_6018IMG_6017IMG_6016IMG_6015

Water Butt and Water Meter: November 2015

Pat has installed our new Water Butt. This will allow us to harvest rain water which can be used for watering plants and cleaning which will, of course, further reduce our water consumption in school. Our water meter has also been installed but unfortunately is not operational yet. This will allow us to monitor and record our water usage. We are hoping that we will also be able to calculate the amount of water we are saving due to our actions to date. Below you will see some photos of our Green Team and the Junior Infants learning about these new devices.


IMG_6746 IMG_6747 IMG_6050 IMG_6693 IMG_6694

Green School Water Audit: October 2015

Following on from our Water Audit last year, the Green Team stayed back after school today to check all of the sinks and toilets for leaks. We needed a quiet, empty school to do this research. We used our eyes and ears to check for drips, damp spots, puddles, trickles and gurgles. We also put food colouring in all of the cisterns (where possible) and tomorrow we will check the toilet bowls to see if the coloured water has travelled. This would be a sign of a leak as the toilets are not in use over night. Our results will be passed on to Mr. O’ Connell and Pat, our caretaker, to see if an problems detected can be fixed.

IMG_5834 IMG_5836 IMG_5837 IMG_5839 IMG_5840 IMG_5841 IMG_5845


Green Team 2015-2016

Our Green Team for 2015-2016 are as follows…

Erin Kelleher and Amy Cashman – 6th class

Daniel O’Keeffe – 5th class

Ellie Twomey – 4th class

Mark O’Keeffe – 3rd Class

Ms. O’Halloran and Ms. Flanagan – Teachers

Fergal Manley – Parent

We look forward to working within our school to conserve water and help the environment. We hope that our work results in reduced costs for our school and getting our Green Flag for the Water theme in May.



Water Audit

Your Green School Committee has been busy recently. The Water Audit of our school is now complete and the results  are displayed on the Green School Noticeboard.


Hippo Bags

All of the accessible cisterns of the toilets in our school have now been fitted with Hippo Bags. These devices fit in the water cistern of our toilets and are filled with water causing them to expand and displace volume in the tank. This means that every time you flush the toilet, less water is used. Some of our Green Team are pictured here checking our “Hippo Bags”.

IMG_5838 IMG_5844

Walk for Water 2015

See below for an account of our Walk for Water in Gougane Barra, written by two 6th class pupils and also some photos from our day.

On the 22nd of March, 2015, eight children from sixth class went to Gougane Barra for the Green Schools’ Walk for Water campaign. At 7:45 we arrived at the school to go on the bus and leave to Gougane Barra. The bus journey took around an hour and forty five minutes. We got there at ten o’clock. When we arrived we went to fill up our bottles. We filled up six litres of water each to take on our walk.  We were then supplied with backpacks and put our bottles inside the backpacks. After this, we set off on our walk around Gougane Barra. There was a forest path beside a river.  We stopped twice on the path and people told us about the poor countries that can’t supply clean water and where the people must use dirty water in their daily lives.  Soon after we met a man who told us of the local wildlife and animals you can find there. As the walk progressed, the path started going uphill as the landscape was turning into a mountain. It took a lot of effort and stamina climbing only a tiny portion of the tough journey ahead. A little break was then necessary and we had something to eat and drink but in a matter of time we began the most difficult part of the trek, climbing up huge rocks and steep slopes.  It felt endless as everyone was tired and worn out.  Most people were stopping at that point to catch their breath. Luckily we had an opportunity to stop and prepare for another long trek. We went along a few bridges and slopes everyone was exhausted at this point. One of our classmates was starting to get ahead of the group and another almost fell off the mountain but luckily was saved by one of the other bus drivers! Walking down to the bottom was reassuring  after the energy draining uphill walk. We started walking down the mountain.  The view was gorgeous.  Reaching the bottom we walked a small walk to the end.  One of our classmates was fourth to reach the end goal. The people who came up with the campaign gave out food and drinks for eventually reaching the end. After half an hour we left on the bus. For doing so well we stopped at a garage and the teachers bought us ice-cream. It was a long journey back to school but we enjoyed our day at Gougane Barra.

By Katelyn and James 6th class

IMG_4388 IMG_4389 IMG_4390 IMG_4391 IMG_4392 IMG_4395 IMG_4396 IMG_4397 IMG_4398 IMG_4399 IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4403 IMG_4404 IMG_4406 IMG_4407 IMG_4409 IMG_4410 IMG_4415 IMG_4416 IMG_4418

Fifth Class Trip to the Glashaboy Waterworks

On Thursday, 12th of February, 5th class, accompanied by Mr. Scanlon, Joan and Fergal Manley, went on a visit to the Glashaboy Waterworks. They toured the facility and learned a lot about how are water is cleaned and treated before being piped into our schools and homes. To see photos of this trip, take a look at Mr. Scanlon’s page.

Green Code for Water

At a recent Green-School Committee meeting, we agreed to adopt the following green code:

“In our school we do our best to appreciate water, to use water sensibly and to conserve water where possible”

Each class will get a copy of the code to display.


Green-Schools Water Forum 2015

On Friday the 6th of February, five members of our Green Team set off to attend the 2015 Water Forum at the Vienna Woods Hotel in Glanmire. We were delighted to be one of eight schools represented at this event as there was quite a long waiting list of schools hoping to attend. Erin Kelleher, Amy Cashman, Daniel O’Keeffe and Ellie Twomey were great ambassadors for our school and really got involved. We listened to a presentation from a model school who have already received their flag for the Water theme. We discussed the water cycle and watched a demonstration which showed just how little of the world’s water is drinkable. We then discussed our own schools and our ideas for the water theme. We drew a plan for our dream school. Ours included a swimming pool! Have a look at photos from the day below and a piece written by Erin and Amy all about it.

IMG_4219[1] IMG_4208[1] IMG_4213[1] IMG_4216[1]



On Friday the 6th of   February   4   members of the green team committee and Ms. Flanagan went to Vienna woods hotel to a water forum. We learned ….

97% of the Worlds water is in seas and oceans and less than 1% of the World’s water   is in rivers, ponds and drinking water. When turning on a hose 500 litres is used in 5 minutes.

To make 1 cup of coffee 140 litres of water is used.                                

To make 1 litre of milk 1000 litres of water are used.                                           

      There were several different schools there.

We did loads of fun games. We then did a plan of some improvements of our school such as…………

  • Installing water butts
  • Getting a water meter
  • Getting a water mascot
  • Having a blue day

  By Amy Cashman and Erin Kelleher


Green-School Committee


On Tuesday, November 18th, our new Green School Committee had their first meeting. As you may be aware, our school has already been awarded three green flags for the themes of Litter & Waste, Global Citizenship and Energy.

The theme we will be working on for the next two years is Water. This is certainly a topical issue and we look forward to learning a lot about our consumption of Water and how this impacts the environment.

Our new committee members are as follows: Ms. N. O’Halloran, Ms. C. Flanagan, Mr. Fergal Manley (Dad of Kate in second class and Ryan in Senior Infants), Kaelan Skillington (6th), Jack O’Callaghan (6th), Amy Cashman (5th), Erin Kelleher (5th), Ellie Twomey (3rd). Daniel O’Keeffe is our 4th class committee member but was not present for the photo. There were lots of exciting ideas put forward at our meeting and we look forward to sharing them with you soon!



Congratulations to the 2013/14 Green Flag Committee whose hard work and dedication have earned the school another Green Flag. This flag was awarded for the Energy Theme. This is a wonderful achievement and we look forward to raising this flag before the end of the current school year. Well done to The Green Flag Committee. The members are,
Teachers: Ms. Flanagan and Ms. O’Halloran
Parents: Michelle Dunlea and Timi McCarthy
Sixth Class pupils : David Hyde and Oisin Hedderman
Fifth Class: David O’Connell
Fourth Class: Senan Ryan
Third Class: Penny Cronin.
Recently members of the Green Team attended the Green Flag conferring ceremony at Silversprings Hotel.
Scroll down along this page to view a copy of our newest certificate. Additional photographs will be uploaded in the next few days.

Our Second Green Flag was raised on Friday June 22, 2012. We were very proud that Mr. Sean Kelly MEP came to hoist the flag. The attendance included members of The Board of Management, parents, the green flag committe and our proud staff and pupils. Mr. Kelly congratulated all who had contributed so much to ensure the delivery of the second Green Flag. He was especially delighted to be associated with the European and Global Citizenship Flag. The school community is indebted to all who work so hard and accomplish so much for the school and in particular all who are involved in the Green School and Health Promoting School Committees.

The school community came together on Friday June 18, 2010 to hoist our First Green Flag along with the Health Promoting Schools Flag . Special guests included Mr. Billy Kelleher T.D. Minister of State for Trade and Commerce, Ms. Elaine Harte, Ms. Frances Deasy from the Health Promotions Department of the HSE, members of the Board of Management, Members of the Parents Association, people who have paticular connections with the school, parents, pupils and members of staff. The celebration began with a procession of all pupils bearing the two flags. Children dressed up specially for the day – wearing costumes based on Health Promotion and Green themes. The school principal, Mr. Micheál Cremin, extended a “Cead Mile Fáilte” to all and congratulated the entire school community and especially all who were involved in the various committees.Ms. Frances Deasy from the Health Promotion Department of the HSE described the role of her department in supporting schools in their quest for Health Promoting Schools status. She gave a detailed account of her interactions with the teachers and pupils of Scoil Náisiunta Naomh Micheál and declared that, following a rigorous assessmet, she was now pleased to declare that the school was officially a Health Promoting School. Ms. Deasy presented wall plaques to Ciarán Quain and Emily Hall, and Ms. O’Donovan.Ms. O’Donovan spoke on behalf of the Health Promoting Schools Committee. She thanked Ms. Frances Deasy for all her support and assistance. She drew attention to the seanfhocal “Ni neart go cur le cheile” and declared that the results of children, teachers and parents working together were so evident on this proud day. She drew attention to a comprehensive list of issues and initiatives that are included under the banner of “Health Promoting Schools”.

Mr. Billy Kelleher T.D. Minister for Trade and Commerce, spoke of his delight at being invited to the school to raise the flags. Minister Kelleher spoke of his time as a pupil in the old school. He spoke very warmly of Mr. Mort Cronin, Deputy Principal, who is retiring this year and recalling the fact that he (the minister) was in Mr. Cronin’s first class in the school. Mr. Kelleher then made a presentation to Mr. Cronin on behalf of the Board of Management. The minister praised the pupils and teachers for their hard work and congratulated all the pupils in their wonderful costumes for the day. He referred to the pupils’ role as educators in helping their parents to address recycling and waste management issues at home.

Mr. Cronin thanked the minister and referred to his early years in the school. He said that he had always done his best to help everyone and that he had reached a time in his life for a new direction.

Malachy Ryan’s drumroll provided the perfect accompanyment to raising the two flags. Ms. Siobhán Carne, parent and music teacher accompanied the pupils in a number of songs. Ms. Carne has contributed so much to the music at Scoil Náisiunta Naomh Micheál and this was clearly evident in the beautiful singing of soloists and groups.