Student Teachers

The children in Ms. Flanagan’s Junior Infant class and Ms. Carney’s Senior Infant class had the pleasure of being taught by two student teachers, from Mary Immaculate College of Education, over the past three weeks. Ms. O’Sullivan and Mr. Fleming are past pupils of our school so it was interesting for them to return as teachers. All of our pupils enjoyed the experience thoroughly and we were delighted to help these dedicated students to prepare for their careers.

Our Junior Infants were introduced to Teddy Bear Tom who helped them in their learning across the curriculum and even had a birthday party while he was here! They also had a chance to participate in yoga lessons. The photos below give a small flavour of their experiences.

In Senior Infants, Mr. Fleming told the story of Handa’s Surprise and this theme proved very popular with the children, who especially enjoyed it when Handa herself came around to see their work. There were lots of action songs and rhymes going on everyday which helped to consolidate learning in Irish and Maths. Again the photos only represent some of the hard work that took place




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