1st/2nd Class – General Election

Last Thursday and Friday, the children from 1st and 2nd class held their own general election. The ballot box was opened last Friday evening and counted by first and second class. We wait to see how accurate we will be! The results from the Cork North Central mock election were as follows….

Electorate: 86
Votes Cast: 86
Spoiled Votes: 1
Quota: 18

Seat Number 1: John Maher (Labour) Elected on the 1st count (Surplus of 3 votes)
Seat Number 2: Colm Burke (Fine Gael) Elected on the 1st count (18)
Seat Number 3: Padraig O’Sullivan (Fianna Fail) Elected on the 4th count
Seat Number 4: Lorraine O’Neill (Fine Gael) Elected on the 6th count