Ms. O’Shea 21/22

September 2021

It’s been a busy month and we managed to pack a lot into our first month back at school. Take a look at what we got up to this September!

Getting to know each other:

We reconnected with our friends and got used to our new pods!

Science: I had some great assistants this month and we did a lot of experiments on washing our hands and how to keep germs at bay!

Spelling Games and Reading Corner:

Some fun spelling games

Sensory garden fun and P.E.

We were busy with Our Senses Scavenger Hunts, trying out French Elastics and exploring all the new things in our sensory garden.


We tried to enter the Louvre Museum in Paris to sneak a peak at the Mona Lisa at night time, avoiding the laser beam alarm system!


We did a few experiments with music and we’re really getting good at playing along with music. We’ve been trying out using body percussion to play along with a lot of our favourite songs.


We love art! We started off drawing ourselves this year and the sunglasses showed what we did for the summer.


We talked a lot about our likes, dislikes, similarities, differences and strengths.

We read Ruby’s Worry and made our own worry monsters to remember what to do when we are worried.