Online learning week 1

Friday 15th  January

Good morning boys and girls. Well done you have nearly completed your first week of online learning! You did great!

Don’t forget to log on for the zoom call if you can at 1:00pm. Here is the link:  Zoom drop-in  I sent the password to your parents already. If you need it again just email me.

Friday test:

Take out your January Copy and rule it as you would for a test. Over the first column write Gaeilge and on the other write English. If you have someone that can ask you your spellings great if not you can test yourself using the Look, Say, Write, Cover, Check method. First look at the word and say it, next, cover it up. Try to write it. Now check to see if you got it right. If you did, give yourself a tick. For the English spelling just work on the spellings you were learning this week. If you got all the spellings right at the start of the week then you did not have any to learn, well done.

For your tables test you will find the link to daily 10 here: If you spent time learning your spellings then you should be able to get full marks in both 3, 6 when you click on level 4 and give yourself 5sec. If you cannot then you do not know your tables.



1.I would like you to spend 15 – 20 minutes reading your own book today. If you are in the middle of your own book you can continue reading it otherwise I would love you to try the online class library here: Class library

Click on ‘students and educators’ login and type in our class code: vmr3147

From here you can click on your name, look for a book and start reading. This way I can keep track of what you are reading, how long you are reading for and recommend some books for you to try. We will also be doing a class book in a few weeks and you will find it here. You can also listen to an audio book or read a comic if you would would prefer that. To get you started I have recommended a book about Italy for you to read if you like. You do not have to read this one and can instead choose another.


2. You will be glad to know, you have no Starlight writing today! Continuing on from our oral language lesson on Monday, I want you to try and do an interview with your parent, an older relative, family friend or neighbour to find out about what their daily life was like as a child. Think about your questions before you start the interview and have a pen and paper ready to record their answers. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • What kind of toys did you play with as a child?
  • What chores or duties did you have as a child?
  • What kind of relationship did you have with your brothers/sisters? What did you have to share with them?
  • Do you think children today have an easier or harder time today than they did in the past? Why?

Remember to use good communication skills when carrying out your interview: make eye contact, smile, wait their turn to speak again and ask each question clearly and politely. You can write down your answers in your copy or record them as a voice note or video. You can take your time with this activity and it does not need to to be submitted tomorrow if you would like to work on it over the weekend.



  1. Correct your MYM from yesterday

2. MYM p79 (test 15-25)

3. PM p108 just do B. Challenge yourself to get 15/15, do you think you can do it?



F+F p51 make sure you have the grid under the crossword filled in.

Vocab If it is possible, practise your Siopadóireacht comhrá today with one or two of your classmates. Use your hardback copy to help you if you need to. If you have brothers and sisters you could set up a shop and teach them some Irish.

I have conjugated the verb ‘fan – to stay’ into an aimsir laithreach for you below. I want you to write this into your copy and next to it I would like you to try and conjugate the verb glan – to clean. It follows the exact same rule as fan so use that to help you!



It has been a long week of hard work so I thought it would be nice to finish with some relaxation. Watch this five minute video to help you have some chill out time. Zen den



On Fridays we usually do some art so I am going to set you an art challenge for you to complete if you get a chance. BE CREATIVE!!

This is called the laundry art challenge. I want you to create a picture using your laundry or clothes. You can make a picture you have in your head like this:

Or you can really challenge yourself and try to copy a famous painting using your laundry:

Girl with a pearl earing by Vermeer 





Starry night by Van Gough



This is one that was done on a huge scale: Peacock clothes art(Skip ahead to about 1minute in to see him making it)

Have fun and have a lovely weekend!

Ms. Fogarty.


Thursday 14th  January

I enjoyed seeing your science experiments yesterday. Well done to everyone who attempted it I hope it worked for ye! We are nearly towards the end of the week and I am so happy with the work you have done so far.

I am going to set up a zoom check in call for tomorrow. I will send the link and all the information to you by email at some stage today. It will be lovely to see all of your faces again and I’m sure you would like to see all of your friends too!

Here is your work for today:


  1. Here are the answers from yesterdays MYM. Make sure to correct them in your book.
  2. MYM p79 Friday test you only have to do 1-14 (15-25 is for tomorrow)
  3. Tables revise 3, Play hit the button here: or any other tables game or app you like.
  4. PM p107 do A+B into your maths copy. Watch this video if you need a little extra help. 



  1. Read the p100 of the story in Starlight. Practice your fluency, are you pausing at the commas and stopping at the full stops?
  2. SL p101 do A1,2+4 and B 3+5 in January copy. Remember your answers to B should be longer than A because it is your opinion.
  3. Listen to the next episode of the 6minutes podcast here:

Where do you think they have taken Badger? Do you think Birdie is going to tell her parents what she knows? Do you think Dad is gone off To Badger?

  1. Continuing working through your spelling list.



  1. F+F p49 do G+H
  2. Vocab –the new phrases and vocab you are learning today are highlighted in blue   Vocab sheet day 4
  3. Here are the answers to the questions from yesterday. Don’t forget to correct them in your copy.
  4. All of last term we were looking at the past tense of verbs (aimsir chaite) This term we are going to be moving onto present tense of verbs (aimsir Laithreach) This might seem complicated and tricky at the start but just with the aimsir chaite ye will be fantastic at it in no time. It just takes practice. I have two videos of me explaining, I would like you to watch them before you begin the activity: Video 1:
     Video 2:
  5. Abair Liom p77 F just do the top part 1-6 (Try your best, it will be tricky till you get the hang of it!)


For Geography today you will need your Atlas. We are going to learn about another country in Europe and see how alike and different it is to Ireland.

Before we start I want you to take a minute to think about anything at all you know about Italy. If you would like you could do a KWL chart in your copy. K(what I know) W(what I would like to know) L(this will be filled out at the end showing what you learnt)

Before you watch the video can you find Italy in your Atlas?

Here are some facts about Italy. Read this before you begin your activity in your copy:


Copy the fact box for Italy below into your copy and write the sae facts for Ireland next to it. Don’t forget to draw  the Irish flag too!


Well done excellent work received in again yesterday. I am really happy to see you all correcting the subjects you have gotten wrong. I have seen some beautiful presentation of work also, keep it up.

Wednesday 13th January


  1. Read the p99 of the story in Starlight. Practice your fluency, are you pausing at the commas and stopping at the full stops?
  2. We are revising past tense and future tense in grammar. Watch this video before you attempt to do the activity in your Starlight. Click here to watch the video.
  3. SL p102 do E in January copy. Write the paragraph changing all the verbs into past tense, don’t forget to underline the verbs you change. There are also four sentences you need to write in the future tense.
  4. Listen to episode 12 of the 6minutes podcast here: Running-from-the-Childcatchers What do you think is going to happen next?


  1. MYM p33 do Thursday

Here are the answers from yesterday’s MYM

  1. Tables revise 3 and 6 again, If you are working on a laptop test how fast you are using this game If you are working on a tablet or i-pad this will not work for you so you can either download the game ‘Space Pig Math’ or continue to play hit the button.
  2. PM p106 do A number 2+3, all B and all of C into your maths copy. When doing C you can write out the sum and draw a circle in red pen when you spot their mistake. This one is a challenging one so take your time with it.
  3. If you are getting stuck on the trickier division sums watch the video from Monday again.


  1. F+F p49 do E+F
  2. Vocab –the new phrases and vocab you are learning today are highlighted in blue: Vocab sheet day 3
  3. We’re going to do the same short story as yesterday. Try reading it yourself again today or listen to me reading it from the video yesterday if you need extra help. (If you want Take a video or voice recording of yourself reading and attach it with your email today)
  4. Today you are going to answer questions based on the reading piece. Before you answer the questions play this short matching game to revise your question words. It will help you with figuring out what the questions are asking. Ceisteanna

Answer the questions below as best you can. No need to write the question into your copy but you do need full sentences for your answers.

1.Cén lá atá ann?

2. Cé atá ag caint le bean?

3. Cad atá ag ithe ag Oisín?

4. Cá bhfuil Mamó agus Daideo?

5. Cén dath atá ar an mbus?



We are going to take a look at the topic of sound this week. I know we started learning about the ear and how sound travels before Christmas so lets look at it in even more detail today. Watch the link before you try to answer the questions below.

All about sound

Pick any two questions from the list below and answer them in your copy. You might find some of the answers in from the video and also in this reading sheet: sound-reading-material

  1. Why can’t we always see vibrations that sounds make?
  2. If we can’t see vibrations, how do we know they are happening?
  3. Why do we feel vibrations when we hum?
  4. How do different guitar strings make different sounds?
  5. Why do drums sound different than cymbals?
  6. How can a loud speaker cause things around it to vibrate?

Watch this short video explaining how the ears work: How do ears work?

If you are feeling very inquisitive I am going to leave a mini experiment here for you to do:

Don’t forget to take pictures if you do the experiment!


Joe Wicks has started his PE classes again. A lot of families enjoyed them during the last closure. Here is a link to his YouTube channel.

Joe Wicks

If you would like to brush up on your GAA skills Cork GAA are uploading lesson to youtube also.

Cork GAA


Tuesday 12th January

Well done to all of you who submitted your work yesterday. I am really proud of you and very happy with the standard of work I received. I was delighted to see some of you have created your own email address and are in charge of sending in your own work, well done!

I know a few of you are still working on creating your recount pieces about Christmas. Take your time with them and just send them to me when you have finished. I might even publish some of them on the school website.

Today’s work is very similar to the work we would normally do on a Tuesday in school. Again if you are finding any of the topics very tricky please let me know when you email your work onto me.


1.Read the p98 of the story in Starlight. Practice your fluency, are you pausing at the commas and stopping at the full stops?

2. SL p101 do C in January copy. Use full sentences. Remember to use your dictionary for any unknown words.

3. Listen to the next episode of the 6minutes podcast here: What do you think is going to happen next?

4. Continue on with the spelling list of tricky words.



1. MYM p33 do Wednesday. VIDEO

The answers from yesterdays work are here:

2. Tables revise ÷3 and ÷6 again, Play hit the button here: Can you beat your score from yesterday?

3. PM p105 do A+B into your maths copy. Write out the whole sum, this will help me see where you might have gone wrong. Keep your maths copy neat. One number per box when you are writing out your sums.

If you are getting stuck on the trickier division sums watch the video from yesterday again. If you found it very tricky let me know in your email.



1. F+F p49 do C+D

2. Vocab –the new phrases and vocab you are learning today are highlighted in green:

Vocab sheet day 2

3. We are going to read a short story as Gaeilge, ‘An Baile Mór’. Play the game below and see if you know some of the tricky vocab before you read the story here:

4. First, I want you to listen to me reading it then I want you to try it. Play the video back to listen to any tricky words you come across.

Now you try reading it: Gaeilge story

5. When you have finished reading and listening to it I want you to try and make five of your own sentences from the picture e.g. Tá camann ina lámh ag Seán. or tá scaif dearg ar Daidí. If you want you can record yourself reading using video or a voice recorder and send it onto me (you do not have to do this)



You might have spotted a colouring sheet in your box. It has a quote from the book and movie Wonder we did in school. Colour it in and display it on a window at the front of your house or somewhere else other people might see it.



Hi boys and girls,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas I can’t wait to hear all about it.  I am very sad I don’t get to see you on Monday and hear all your stories but we have to stay safe and this is the next best thing. We will hopefully be back in the classroom in no time.

I will be posting work every day and my hope is that you will be able to do most of it independently, you might need help to send all your work onto me so I can correct it. You might have noticed I put a new copy in your boxes. All of your written work will be done into this copy (you can label it ‘January copy’) or in the books that we always write in (Master your Maths or Fuaimeanna agus Focail). Keep your copy neat, use red pen, ruler, joined writing, date and title all work. If there is any work you do not understand or you find tricky please let me know and I will help you as best I can.

I would advise you to divide the day up just like you were in school. After doing your maths work take a break or have a snack, continue on and do some more work and take another break before finishing your work off.

Chat soon,
Ms. Fogarty.


Monday 11th January


1Dictionary words: refugee, bland, doubtful, tangy, fragrant, beforehand

Write the meanings of the dictionary words into your new ‘January copy’. Make sure you understand the meaning before you write it down.

2. Read the new story in your Starlight p98 – 100

3. Oral language – Listen to the video below about how children’s lives have changed over the years. Take a few minutes to think about it. Would you rather live back then or now? Chat to your parents or grandparents; what can they remember from when they were children?


I have decided to take a break from Words their Way this week and instead I have given you a list of the most commonly misspelled words in your box. I want you to get someone to test you on the list of words. If you get the spelling right you can tick it off, if you get it wrong add it to your list of spellings to learn for this week. You can play the activities we use with Words their Way to help you learn the words. Some of you will know all of the words in the list so you could create your own spelling list for this week. For some of you it might take you the full three weeks to get through the whole list and that’s ok too.

Here are some ideas for games: hangman, alphabetical order, write them on your i-pad/tablet, write them on the ground outside using chalk, use a whiteboard or blackboard etc. If you think of any other ideas be sure to let me know in your email to me.


  1. MYM p32 check over and finish Monday and Tuesday.
  2. Tables revise divide by 3 and 6, Play hit the button here: Write down your score or screenshot it.
  3. Watch the video below to remind yourself how to do division.
  4. PM p104 do B+C into your maths copy. (spend 20 minutes doing your Planet Maths. How far can you get?)



  1. F+F p49 read through all the words first and make sure you understand them before you do A+B
  2. Open a double page in your copy and write ‘ag siopadóíreacht’ in the middle of both pages. You are just going to fill out one of the pages today. Write in as many words to do with ag siopadoireacht (shopping) as you can in three minutes.
  3. Stick your new ‘ag siopadoireacht’ sheet into your Gaeilge hardback. Today spend some time learning the phrases and vocab I have highlighted on my sheet below:

Vocab worksheet

4. Watch the video of the short story. How much of it can you understand?

5. Have a listen and look at p72+73 in Abair Liom. How fast can you find the words I call out?


Additional activity:

I want you to tell me about your Christmas break. You can choose to tell me about the whole break or pick your favourite day or event that happened over the Christmas. Make sure to make a rough plan or brainstorm of what you want to include before you start.

You can send your story to me in any way you choose. Here are some ideas on how to send it:

  • write your recount in your copy, take a picture and email it to me.
  • type a story on your computer
  • create a short video of you telling the story (you could use iMovie/capcut/inshot)
  • create a short video using pictures you took over the break. You can type in short sentences to go with your pictures or you can inset voice clips telling me about the picture.
  • make a voice recording of your recount piece.
  • create a comic strip or drawings telling me your story.

You cannot submit this activity until you have all your other work for today submitted to me. If you do not get time to finish it today you can send it on another day this week.

Make sure to have fun whatever way you choose to record your recount piece!