November 2015

Hope you all enjoyed our Halloween performance. Many thanks to all those who came to see us. We really enjoyed singing and performing for you all.

We made our classroom very spooky this Halloween. We love art in first class. Take a look below at some of the displays we created.

hallway zombie eyes Micheal mask


halloween skullhall displaydoor

We got to dress up on the day of the holidays. Well done to Faye O’R who won best dressed in our class. She was a scary werewolf.

faye o best dressed

We were so scary and unrecognizable in our costumes that even our teacher didn’t even know who we were! Our teacher dressed up as a pirate. She even had a mustache.

all 1 all 2 all 3 all 4

Next month we will be showing you how we are preparing for Winter and Christmas. Talk soon!

Ms. O’Mahony, Carmel and all the children in first class:)