Anti-Bullying Committee

Who’s who? Why do we care?

Below you’ll find pictures of our staff, parent and student representatives and a bit about why they participate in the anti-bullying association in Upper Glanmire NS!

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Hi, my name is Niall O’Sullivan. I am the 6th class teacher in Scoil Naomh Micheál and helped set up the anti-bullying committee over the last few years. We hope as a committee to encourage children to be nicer towards each other which should in turn limit the incidences of bullying inside and outside the school.

Hi, my name is Lisa Healy. I am a SEN teacher in Scoil Naomh Micheál. I am excited to join the Anti-Bullying Committee this year to help encourage and motivate all children in the school to be kind to each other and to themselves; and to most importantly understand bullying as preventable.

Hello, my name is Samantha Cooney and I’m a Special Needs Assistant at Scoil Naomh Micheál. I am member of the Anti-Bullying Committee because I believe in empowering children to be agents of change in, and out, of school. School should be a happy, healthy place to grow and learn; and I believe initiatives such as this committee are central to making that a reality.

Hi. My name is Mick Lucey and I joined because my daughter Jessie is in senior infants & I would like to be able to talk to her if she ever feels like she’s being bullied & I hope to learn more about the growing problem of bullying by being involved in this committee. If I can help anyone in this school or outside with the tools I hope to learn, then it would be all worthwhile.

Hi, my name is Amanda Buckley. My son Shane is in 5th class and I have 2 older children who also attended Upper Glanmire School many moons ago. I’m a Pre-school teacher and I have worked with children for last 13 years. I got involved in this committee because I would like to help the school become a bully free zone.

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Hi everyone, my name is Kerri and I’m the 6th class representative on the anti bullying committee. I joined because I want to help make our school a bully free zone.

Hello, my name is Meadhbh and I am in 5th class. I think school should be a fun place for everyone and I want to help stop bullying.

Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m in 4th class. Bullying shouldn’t happen in any school and I want to help make sure it doesn’t happen in ours.

Hi, I’m Ryan and I am in 3rd class. I’m happy to be on the anti-bullying team so that I can help everyone to enjoy themselves at school and make friends.

So what have we been up to?

Following on from our last update, the student representatives from the Anti-Bullying Association visited classes in the school to encourage discussions about bullying and friendship. Each class were shown a video clip about bullying and/or friendship. Subsequently the older classes were given a questionnaire which was followed by a discussion and the younger classes had a class discussion. The initiative was very successful and a big well done to our student representatives for their hard work across the week!


Also this month, we have launched a Newsletter for the Anti-Bullying Association. The newsletter is displayed in the school on our noticeboard and will also be posted here for parents/guardians to read. As always, we would like to thank the staff, parents, and most importantly, the students of Scoil Naomh Michael for their efforts to make our school a safe, happy and fun place for everyone to learn!



Welcome to the Anti-Bullying Committee page,

Here we will post pictures and events details here as the year progresses.

For your information, the  Anti-Bullying Committee members for 2017/2018 are;

Teaching staff: Ms. Healy, Mr. O’Sullivan, Ms. Cooney.

Children: Kerri O’Callaghan (6th class), Meadhbh O’Callaghan (5th class) Lucy Galvin (4th class) and Ryan Manley (3rd class).

Parents: Amanda Buckley and Mick Lucey.

We hope to arrange an Anti-Bullying event every term. Our first event was when Elaine Buckley from ISPCC/ Childline visited us to chat about bullying and good/bad secrets. It was a fantastic and informative talk. Thanks Elaine.

Our second event will be happening today and tomorrow as part of friendship week. See the description below of what we are doing today;

Friendship Week!

We, the Anti-Bullying Committee, have joined forces with Ms. O’Callaghan and the Student Council for next week. Next week is Friendship Week so our aim is to encourage children in the school to be friendly towards each other. We have used video clips from the website (have a look at the website- it’s really useful)to encourage friendship and respect in the junior end of the school. In the senior end the video clips will aim to raise awareness of bullying.

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, we are aiming to send the Anti-Bullying Committee children around the school with a short power point presentation which will include the fore-mentioned short video clips on friendship/bullying. The committee children will leave each class with some questions that the class teacher can go over with their class. We are also requesting that the children wear something yellow on Tuesday. Yellow will represent friendship whilst taking part in the whole school skipping event. . Thanks from the Anti-Bullying Committee.



As the year progresses we will post pictures and other information applicable.