Aistear September/October

Our Aistear theme for this half term is ‘The Doctor’s Surgery’. We are having so much fun learning through play in our role play area. We started the theme by watching a video of visiting the doctor’s surgery and then had a practice where we talked about what language we would use in the doctor’s surgery. We have used stethoscopes, checked temperatures and have even written prescriptions for our patients…so if you need a check up you know where to come!

We have a timetable so each group learn through imaginative play in the role play at least once a week. In our other groups we learn using the construction toys, play dough and stenciling kits.


IMG_5570 IMG_5569 IMG_5568 IMG_5567 IMG_5566 IMG_5565 IMG_5564 IMG_5563 IMG_5562 IMG_5561 IMG_5560 IMG_5559 IMG_5558 IMG_5557 IMG_5556

Today (1/10/15) we were lucky enough to have three lovely visitors to help with our Aistear learning. We learnt so much about the wonderful work that nurses do. Have a look at our photos below.

IMG_5676 IMG_5679 IMG_5680 IMG_5681 IMG_5682 IMG_5683 IMG_5684 IMG_5686 IMG_5687 IMG_5688 IMG_5689 IMG_5690 IMG_5691