The Kinsale Giant

On Wednesday the 17th of November we had a visit from Barry Maloney. He is a historian and shared lot of stories telling us about pirates, giants and stories of the past.

One story we were really interested in was The Giant Of Kinsale. Barry drew out how tall the Giant actually was on wallpaper, he showed us an imprint of his hand size and we got to see the size of his knife and fork. Here are some interesting facts we remember from the talk:

The Kinsale Giant used big shoes and a tall hat to make himself taller. With the shoes and the hat he was 3meters tall. When he died he didn’t want anyone to know his real height of 2.5meters so he put iron bars to cover his grave. – Tom Kelleher

Giants generally don’t live long lives because their bodies grow too big for their hearts. Our whole class enjoyed listening to cool and exciting facts and stories. Holly Galvin

If the average persons breakfast is 2 slices of toast and one glass of orange juice the giant would have needed to eat 20 slices of toast and 10 glasses of orange juice. Bodhi Yelverton

The giant had to do a lot of exercise to stay healthy. He did it at night in the forest so no would would see him for free. Mary Kate Dawson

The Kinsale Giant had to walk 10km everyday in a forest so no one would see him. When he died people dug up his remains to measure his height and he was actually 2.5meters instead of 3m. Aoibhe Dunlea