Online learning week 4

Friday 5th February

Cillians dog helping him with his work. Aoife made loads of the 3D shapes from nets and Mia made a St. Brigid’s Day cross. 

Good morning boys and girls, another week of learning from home down and ye are doing SPECTACTULAR!!

I am looking forward to seeing you for our online zoom check in today. Link for zoom check in. The password is the same but let me know if you have forgotten it and I will resend it.

Your min project details are here: 4th Mini project SCRATCH If you are still working on it you can send it into me over the weekend or even on Monday. Some of you send me screenshots of what you were making, I am very excited to see what you come up with.

Answers from Thursday can be found here.

Test Just like last week take out your copy and rule it as you would for a test. Get someone at home to call out your spellings. When you have finished the test go back and self correct.

For your tables test you will find the link to daily 10 here: Daily 10

MYM p82 Friday MYM help video

Verb test Take your time with this test I have put some answers in to trick you out. If you can get to the end of the test without losing any lives take a screenshot and sent it on to me!

Maths Correct answers from yesterday. Some of you found counting out the vertices and edges difficult. If you did I would suggest finding something with that shape around the house and counting it e.g. cuboid = cereal box, cylinder = Pringles box, triangular prism = box of toblerone etc.

This week you learned about 3D shapes. You learned the names of different 3D shapes and what their nets look like. Some of you constructed 3D shapes from their nets. You learned about the properties of prisms and pyramids.

Today you are going to try drawing and constructing 3D shapes. First watch the video below. Then have  a go at drawing some of the shapes. Use the guide on PM p168 B to help you

Drawing 3D shapes

If you would rather you can try and make 3D shapes. You can use materials around the house. One option is to use matchsticks and blue tack like this:

Another more yummy option is to use toothpicks, spaghetti and mini marshmallows like this:

Use this as a guild to help you when building if you like: Making 3D shapes

Be sure to send me on any pictures you have or if you manage to make them before the zoom call later I would love to see them!

English 15 minutes reading a book from here: (class code: vmr3147) Who will be our Get Epic superhero today?


An idiom is a word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning. Watch this very catchy video explaining what an idiom is Be prepared to have this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day!!

Can you figure out the idiom from the emoji’s in this video clip?  Name the idiom.

Read the list of idioms here and choose one. On a blank page I want you to draw a line down the middle. On one side I want you to draw a picture of what the idiom means literally and on the other side draw a picture of what it means figuratively just like the picture below:

 Just like last week I have another story for you to listen to:

Which was your favourite monster? Herbert, Ralph, Cynthia, Max or Gabe? Why not draw a picture of a monster!

Gaeilge Correct your verb from yesterday

  rith – to run
ritheann tú
ritheann sé
ritheann sí


AL p92 leigh on sceal (read the story)

AL p97 do J

Art Art lesson today is a very easy activity.

1. Gather everything you need. Count how many people are in your family, if there are 5 then you will need five different coloured pages. If you do not have coloured paper you can just colour the hands different colours.

2. Draw the outline of everyone’s hand. If you have a dog you could even try to get their paw print.

3. Arrange the handprints in order of size with the biggest at the back. Glue them onto the page. You can write the names and ages of each hand on them. You can add in the following phrase also if you wish: “When the world stayed apart, we stayed together”

Thursday 4th February

Some of you had lots of fun experimenting with conductors and insulators in yesterdays experiment.

You will find yesterdays corrections here: Answers from Wednesday

4th Mini project SCRATCH

Good luck with your work today!

Maths 1. Correct your answers from yesterday

2. MYM p39 Thursday MYM help video

3.  Continue learning your divide by 12 tables You can practice your daily 10 ahead of your test tomorrow if you wish here:  Daily 10 or practice some more with this new game: Monster division

4. Today you are going to learn about prisms and pyramids. Watch the video below, Ms. Flanagan is going to show you how to tell the difference between these shapes.

Prisms and Pyramids

PM p171 draw the table in B into your copy and complete. If you are unsure as to what any of the shapes look like, watch the video again or look at the pictures on p.170.

We have some great mathematicians in our class. Look at PM p.171 E to learn about a formula discovered by the mathematician Euler. If you would like an extra challenge, try out his formula on some of the 3D shapes you have learned about.

English 1. Reading: 15– 20 minutes reading your own book today. Just like last week if you are in the middle of your own book you can continue reading it otherwise I would love you to try the online class library here: Our class code: vmr3147

2. SL p119 do A2,3+4 and B2+5

3. Listen to episode 20 and 21 here:  Back to the Beginning and At Sea

Spellings: Revise your spellings ahead of the test tomorrow

Gaeilge 1. F+F p20 do G+H

2.  Vocab sheet – Revise all the vocab and phrases for your test tomorrow

Look closely at all the verb again today and decide what ending is needed. Correct the verb (tóg – to take) and conjugate (write out) rith – to run in the aimsir laithreach (gach lá). Please let me know if you are finding these tricky before the test tomorrow.

tóg – to take rith – to run
tógann tú
tógann sé
tógann sí

You have all gotten so good at conjugating the verbs, well done! Today we are going to learn how to ask a question in the aimsir laithreach. Open up p77 of your Abair Liom and watch this short video before you start the exercise.

You are doing the bottom part of activity F today, you have four to do. For number 2+3 you are writing the answer to the question and for number 4+5 you are writing the question they are asking.

PE Are you ready to break a sweat? Grab a bottle of water and get ready for a very tough PE dance lesson. Can you keep going till the end of the video without taking a break?

Before you start use this as a warm up. Spin the wheel five times and do whatever activity the wheel lands on. PE warm up wheel

Set you tablet or laptop up where you can

Don’t forget to send a short video or a picture to me of you dancing!

Religion Today we are going to be looking at the Ten Commandments. Open your Grow in Love book on p40 and read ‘about agreements.’ If there is someone at home I would like you to read p41 together and pick two of the commandments and talk about how they apply to your life. If you want to look at the resources online go to fourth class theme 5, lesson 2.

You can log in using the following details:

Grow in love website


password: growinlove

Wednesday 3rd February

Reina’s St Brigid’s Day cross.

Donncha’s 3-D shapes made from nets. 


Yesterdays answers here: Answers from Tuesday
This weeks mini project here: 4th Mini project SCRATCH

Best of luck with the work today!

Maths 1. Correct your answers from yesterday

2. MYM p39 Wednesday MYM help video

3. Tables divide by 12. Can you count in 12’s all the way to 144? If not keep practicing until you can. It is very important to be able to do this for your division sums.

Practice your tables here Do step 4+5 today.

4. Today you are going to solve some problems involving 3D shapes. Watch the videos before you try to answer the questions

Making shapes from cubes PM p169 do A

Worms and matchboxes PM p169 do B

This is a game that is just like the activity in your PM book. How good is your spatial reasoning? Can you get all the way to level 10?


English 1. Play this game again to revise your dictionary words. Can you beat your score from yesterday? Can you make the top 10 on the leader board?  Dictionary words game

2. SL reading p118

3. SL p120 do E. For the first six sentences you do not have to write the full sentence, just write the conjunction. For the bottom 5 sentences you need to write the full sentence and fill in the answers.

Spellings: continue on with the spellings you are learning this week.

Reading: 1o minutes reading a book from here: Get Epic (class code: vmr3147) Who will be our Get Epic superhero this week? I know some of you are currently working your way through books you got for Christmas that is fine too, you can read that for 10 mins.

Gaeilge 1. F+F p20 do E+F

2.  Vocab sheet –Here is the new vocab I would like you to learn for today: Vocab sheet – Wednesday

Play the game from yesterday again to practice your vocab. Can you get the whole way through without getting any wrong?

3. Look closely at all the verb again today and decide what ending is needed. Correct the verb (caill – to loose) and conjugate (write out) tóg – to take in the aimsir laithreach (gach lá).

  caill – to loose tóg – to take
cailleann tú
cailleann sé
cailleann sí


4. Read paragraph 2+3 of the story on p92 in Abair Liom and then try to answer the questions 4+5 (6 is a challenge). If you need an extra bit of help you can watch this video here: Abair Liom lth90+91

SPHE Do you know what gratitude is? Did you know you have complete control over how you think and feel. Watch this video before you complete the activity below. What is gratitude?

I am grateful that I live close to lots of fields that I can take my dog walking in. What are you grateful for? You can make a list in your copy or print the heart and decorate it: What are you grateful for

If you already write in a diary why not pick one thing from every day that you are grateful for? If you don’t keep a diary why not start!


Tuesday 2nd February


Amy made a St. Bridgid’s day cross using pipe cleaners yesterday. 


I am going to start posting pictures of you and your art and other bits you send me in. If you would not like your picture posted just let me know when you send it in your email.


I am delighted to hear some of you are going to give the SCRATCH programming a go for your project this week! If you want to see the help links again click here 4th Mini project SCRATCH

You will find the corrections to yesterdays work here: Answers from Monday


Maths 1. Correct your answers in PM and MYM from yesterday

2. MYM p38 Tuesday MYM help video

3. Tables divide by 12. Can you count in 12’s all the way to 144? If not keep practicing until you can. It is very important to be able to do this for your division sums.

Practice your tables here Do step 2+3 today. Remember multiplications and division are very closely linked, practice your division tables with Daily 10

4. As you learned last year, when you flatten a 3D shape out so that you can see all its faces, you make what is called a net. Watch the video below, can you guess the shape it will make before they tell you?

Instead of doing PM today I want you to name the six 3D shapes below in the image below in your maths copy.

Here is a Pacman game on nets: Guess the shape from the net

If you can, print out some of the nets of the shapes and see if you can make them. I would love to see a picture if you manage to make them! Colour them in before you build them.

Octagonal-Prism Pentagonal prism Square based pyramid Triangular prism Cone Cube cuboid hexagonal prism

English Revise your dictionary words by playing a matching game here: Dictionary words game. If you would prefer to play the maze game instead when you click the link look over at the right hand side of the page it will say ‘switch template’ and if you go to ‘show all’ you will be able to change it to the Maze chase game or you could try another type of game if you wish.

SL reading p117

SL p119 do C (full sentences)

Spellings:  again if you have more spellings to learn from the list commonly misspelt words continue working through them. If you have finished learning all the list your spellings this week are the dictionary words.

Gaeilge 1. F+F p20 do C+D

2. Vocab sheet – I hope you managed to print out the vocab sheet yesterday. Here is the new vocab I would like you to learn for today: Vocab sheet – Tuesday

Click on the link to the game to see how fast you can choose all the correct clothes:  Cluiche eadaí

3. Look closely at all the verb again today and decide what ending is needed. Correct the verb (bris – to break) and conjugate (write out) caill – to loose in the aimsir laithreach (gach lá).


  bris – to break caill – to loose
briseann tú
briseann sé
briseann sí

4. Listen to paragraph 1 of the story on p92 in Abair Liom and then try and read it yourself. When you have finished reading answer questions 1,2+3 . If you feel like you need extra help understanding the reading or help with the pronounciation watch this video:

Science Conductors and insulators

Last week we were looking at matter and we saw how matter can change when it is heated or cooled. Today we are going to look at conductors and insulators. Watch this short video explaining what that means:

Read the information below before you do the experiment.

For our experiment this week we are going to test out materials that might be conductors or insulators.

Find the instructions here: Conductors and Insulators experiment

Don’t forget to write down your results or take some pictures of you doing the experiment.

In your copy I want you to find three things at home that would be good insulators (what helps to keep things warm?) and three good conductors (what gets hot when heat is applies to it?)

Monday 1st February

‘Chocie’ – Drawn by Amy Harrington, 4th class


Good morning, good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend. Today is officially the first day of Spring and also St. Bridget’s day. I have attached some information on St Bridget and how to make a cross if you would like to try it.

I am thrilled at the amount of you submitting your work every day. Well done to all the people who completed the mini projects so far! This week’s mini project is a very different type of project, the subject is computers and coding. I know that some of you will excel at this as you are much better at computers then me. Some of you might have heard of SCRATCH before but your project this week is to create a simple programme.

Well done to everyone who emailed me telling me if they found something tricky. I think I was able to help everyone! So again this week please do the same. As I said in the zoom on Friday, the MYM are quite tricky but if you listen in the help video I will tell you what ones you can leave out. Just try your best as this is the last week of MYM for a few weeks.

You will find the corrections here: Corrections from Friday

Good luck with your work today!

Maths – Correct your MYM test from Friday

– MYM p38 Monday   MYM help video

– This week we are going on to division by 12. Spend today practicing counting up in 12’s. If you are finding it tricky only do half today and learn the other half tomorrow. Is there a pattern you can see?

Practice your tables here do step 1a and 1b today.

– This week we are moving onto 3-D shapes.  Watch this video to refresh your memory on 3-D shapes first: What is a 3D shape?

– Have a look at p167 in PM and answer the questions below orally (you do not need to write the answers to these questions down)

1. Describe the shape.

2. How many faces/edges/corners (vertices) does it have?

3. What might this shape be used for?

4. Where have you seen this shape?

5. This is a 3D shape – with which 2D shape(s) might it be matched?

6. Do you think it’s possible to stand it on its side?

7. Do you think it’s possible to stand it upside down?

8. Does it roll?

9. Will it stack?

– PM p167 do B1a (just the top picture) write out all the shapes you can see in the sky.

English 1. Oral language: Have a look at some of the photos documenting the bedrooms of children in countries around the world. They are taken from the book ‘Where Children Sleep’ by the English photographer James Mollison. Where kids live.

Have a chat with someone at home or do a zoom call with one of your friends in the class and answer the following questions:

Why do you think some children have better/cleaner/safer/more pleasant living conditions then others? Which place do you think it is best to be a child from all the photos and why?

2. Dictionary words: nutritious, vulnerable, injustice, donate, devastating, cascade, essential.

3. SL reading p116

Spellings: if you have more spellings to learn from the list commonly misspelt words continue working through them. If you have finished learning all the list your spellings this week are the 7 dictionary words above.

Gaeilge Today we are starting a new theme. Open a double page in your copy and write Eadaí in the middle of both pages. You are just going to fill out one of the pages today. Write in as many words to do with éadaí as you can in five minutes.

F+F p19 read through all the words first and make sure you understand them before you do A+B

I have attached your new vocab sheet. It would be great if you could print it out and stick it into your hardback. Today spend some time learning the phrases and vocab I have highlighted on my sheet below: Vocab sheet and here in this sheet it is highlighted what you have for today: Vocab sheet – Monday

Excellent job to everyone who did their verbs last week. You might have spotted a pattern with them…they were all caol verbs so the endings were ‘im and eann’.

Look closely at all the verbs this week they are a mixture of leathan and caol so you need to choose the correct endings. If it has a leathan ending (a,o,u) the endings will be: aim and ann. If it has a caol ending (i,e) the endings will be: im and eann

Correct the verb you did Friday (caith) and conjugate (write out) bris – to break in the aimsir laithreach (gach lá). Make sure you choose the correct ending!

Have a look at p90+91 in Abair Liom. Watch the video of the short story. How much of it can you understand?  Have a look at p90+91 in Abair Liom while the story is being read. Abair Liom lth90+91

How fast can you find the words I call out? Can you find all 10 before I click on the picture? Foclóir

Drama Drama:

Watch the following video in which drama teacher Naomi Cahill and theatre maker Aisling Byrne invite you to join in a series of four improv exercises that you can do with someone at home or over a facetime call with a friend or relation.

Drama lesson

The four fun exercises include:

  • Word Association
  • One Word Story
  • One Sentence Story
  • Yes And

These activities are all about getting your imagination going and letting ideas flow, so jump in and learn how improvisation can help jumpstart your creativity. Let me know in your email today which one you thought was best. Maybe we could try one on our next class Zoom call?

Mini project. 4th Mini project SCRATCH
Religion Watch the story of St Bridget in this power point here: Saint Brigid

If you would like to try and make you own cross here are the instructions: How to Make a Saint Brigids Cross