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Hello all

I hope you are keeping well. It is hard to believe that this is our final week before the summer holidays. I know from talking to your class teachers that you were all working very hard since March.

Since we cannot have a real sports day, like we normally would, we are holding a virtual one. Every day new activities will be posted on the web pages. I am also adding a few links of summer craft activities if you want to look at for a rainy day over the holidays. Have a lovely summer and I will see you all in September.


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Hi all

I hope you are enjoying the summer weather. This week I will continue with a few games such as a board game,  conversation activity and guessing which one does not belong. I have also given you a cutting and semantics activity. As always I can be contacted on


Judy O’Brien


Which one doesnt belong activity

Which doesn’t belong cards

Question cards for conversation practice

Who-what-doing-what-where colourful semantics cutup sentences activity

Who where when board game



Hi all

I hope you are keeping well. This week I am giving you activities that the family can play together. I am focusing on activities that help with conversations and how to start a conversation., guess the category, name items. As always I can be contacted on


Judy O’Brien

Guess The Category Activity

Name 5 things challenge cards

Name 5 things categories card game

Conversation game have a conversation cards



 Hello all

I hope you are all keeping well and that you enjoyed the long weekend and the lovely weather. Below I have uploaded the suggested activities for this week.

I am giving you exercises to help work on building sentences and semantics. These activities provide pictures to help create sentences which in turn will help create a story. They will focus on the words: who, what, where, when. The pictures and the words will need to be cut out first so fine motor skills will be in action also!

As always please look at the other SEN pages as we are working together to provide various types of activities. I can be contacted on

Stay safe

Judy O’Brien


Cut Up Sentence

Who-what-where-when-colourful semantics silly sentences activity

Who-doing-what-what colourful semantics cutup sentences activity sheet




 Hello all

I hope you are all well.

This week I will continue with scavenger hunts, which incorporate a mixture of Maths and English.

I am also including sentence activities which involve putting the words in the correct order to create sentences. They vary in level so you can complete up to the level that best suits you.

I have uploaded a set of English challenges. The challenges include anagrams, fill in the missing letters and find the common word. Enjoy and I will upload the answers next week!

Stay safe

Judy O’Brien


Scavenger Hunts

Around the House Scavenger Hunt

Letter scavenger hunt

Outdoor Maths Trail Cards


English Challenge

English Challenge Cards


Sentence Activities

Activity Sheet unscramble the words

Simple Sentence Scramble Activity Sheet






 Hello all

I hope you are all keeping well. This week I am going to continue with ‘Spot the Difference’, word searches and crosswords. The crosswords are linked in with the Jolly Phonics programme the children use in school. I have also added in scavenger hunts. Dictionary work is incorporated in the scavenger hunts. As always I can be contacted on

Stay safe

Judy O’Brien


Spot The Difference

Houses and Homes


The Classroom


Scavenger Hunts










Word Searches

Months of the Year Word Search

Numbers 1-10 Word Search




Hello everybody

I hope you are all keeping well and that you enjoyed the good weather over the weekend. This week I will continue with cloze and ‘Spot the Difference’ activities. I have also included crossword puzzles and word searches. I have added in another Science experiment.

Please look at all the other SEN pages as we are working together to ensure that we are providing a broad range of activities to suit everyone and to accommodate the different interests. As always I can be contacted on

Stay safe

Judy O’Brien


Spot the Difference

The hospital


In The Sitting Room



The Stone Age




Word Searches

Aliens Word Search

Circus Word Search

Colours Word Search




Wild Animals Crossword



Science Experiment







Hello all


I hope you enjoyed the long weekend. This week I will once again focus on comprehension activities and ‘spot the difference’ for all classes. I have included cloze for the senior classes and visual perception for the Junior classes. I will also include Science experiments. As always I can be contacted at


Stay safe

Judy O’Brien



All About Fish


The Sun





The Lion and the House


Visual Perception



Which One Is The Same


Spot the Difference


The Fire Station

Waves and Ice Cream


Science Experiments

Fireworks in a Glass









Hello everybody

I hope you are all keeping well. This week I have uploaded some cloze activities for the senior classes. For the Junior classes I have uploaded several visual perception activities. Visual perception refers to the brain’s ability to make sense of what the eyes see. Visual perceptual skills are important for many everyday skills such as reading, writing, completing puzzles, cutting, drawing, completing math problems, dressing, as well as many other skills.  For all classes I have uploaded ‘Spot the Difference’ activities and also comprehension activities. You will need so scroll down the page to find the comprehension exercise that best suits your age group as all levels are on the one link.

For a bit of fun, I added in three Science experiments involving eggs!! While completing these, the children will be using fine motor skills, reading skills, following instructions so they will be exposed to many of these skills in a fun way.

As always if you want to show me your work or contact me for anything or show me the activities, my email address is

Stay safe

Judy O’Brien


Science Experiments

Egg Experiments


Reading Comprehension

The Three Little Pigs

Jack and the Beanstalk


Cloze Activities

Tom Crean

European Landmarks


Spot The Difference





Visual Perception








Hello all

I hope you managed to have a nice Easter in lockdown. I am missing the children a lot and all the lovely chats and giggles we have when they come to my room. If any of them would like to email me, it would be lovely to hear how they are getting on….

This week I have attached more gross motor ideas and a few scavenger hunts. I think they will be lovely especially in this good weather. Scavenger hunts have numerous benefits: they boost observation skills, they are exploring Maths activities (colour/shape, etc), they are learning through nature. Gross motor activities require whole body movement which allow the large muscles of the body to perform everyday functions. They also include hand-eye coordination skills. As always these are only suggestions. Please make sure to look at all the other SEN pages as we have collaborated to ensure that we are giving a broad mix of activities.

Stay safe

Judy O’Brien









Hello everybody

This week the SEN decided to have an Easter theme. We choose different Easter crafts/activities. Please look at all the SEN pages so that you can choose the ideas which interest you all. We hope enjoy them. Stay safe. I would love to hear from any of the children who would like to take a picture of their work or would like to tell me how you are getting on. As always I can be contacted on

Kind regards


Easter crafting

Easter games and activities

EasterActivities (1)










T-T-9445-Bunny-Hop-Pencil-Control-Worksheets_ver_1 (1)





Hi all

I hope you are all keeping well. This week I am going to focus on reading.

Reading is very important for all ages. It expands their vocabulary. It makes them better at it with practice.  It helps build independence and self-confidence.  It enhances their imagination. It improves their grammar and writing skills. It entertains them, it gives them something to do.

Reading is essential to just about everything in life – from cooking to driving to just getting through school. It is important to start at a young age and teach your child the value of reading so they will grow to practice it often and value their ability to do so.

Currently with libraries closed, I understand that books are not readily available. I have attached links for you to follow. They will lead you to websites where you and the children can discover many different types of books to enjoy.


  • You can also download the Kindle app on your iPad and access library books online.

I understand that everybody might not have access to the internet/iPad. These are merely suggestions if you are in the position to access them and if they pass part of the day during this difficult time.

Kind Regards

Judy O’Brien





Dear parents and children

I hope you are all holding up ok and managing during this strange time.

The SEN team are all working collaboratively. Each week we will post various activities for you to explore. We are all focusing on different areas, so it is important that you check all pages in the SEN section of this website.

I have attached suggested activities to develop gross motor skills.  All the family can join in, enjoy!

I can be contacted on if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Judy O’ Brien



Ball Skills – Throwing and Catching Activity Cardsgross-motor-skills