Junk Art

Junk Art is a fun and exciting way for children to explore new ways of working with different materials. The ‘Junk’ used for Junk Art is a collection of clean, safe packaging, boxes and other materials. A combination of structural items (boxes, plastic bottles) and decorative items (ribbons, stickers) work best. As The Construction Site has been our theme during January and February, some children were inspired to create towers and buildings but many chose to make something different. The open ended materials enable the children to be creative in their own way which enhances their independence and skills.

In week one, the children played with the ‘junk’, making things which they dismantled at tidy up time. In week two, they drew up their plans and discussed their ideas. In week three the children made their pieces, either following the plans they had made the previous week or coming up with a new idea. Each child then explained their creation to the class. The other children had an opportunity to ask questions or comment on the piece. The works of art were then displayed, photographed and brought home the following day. See pictures of the artists and their creations below.

img_9671 img_9672 img_9673 img_9678 img_9679 img_9680 img_9722 img_9721 img_9720 img_9719 img_9717 img_9716 img_9694 img_9691 img_9690 img_9683 img_9682 img_9681 img_9684 img_9685 img_9692 img_9693