10th September 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope you have settled back into the new school year and that you are adapting to the ‘new norm’. It is great to be back in school, although it is a different experience for the children and the staff, and we are adjusting ourselves as we get used to it.

Thank you sincerely for your support and kindness in recent weeks. Your assistance in implementing the guidelines in the morning and at home time have allowed us to re-open successfully and safely. Thank you for the many kind messages you have sent to us here, and the positive interactions we have had at the school gate. While the school experience is different for the children this year, in particular at yard time where class groups are playing together, we assure you that the safety and happiness of your children is at the heart of daily school lives.

At the beginning of every year we provide you with guidelines and procedures to be used throughout the school year. Understandably this year, there are fewer guidelines, and these may change as the year progresses. We will do our best to communicate with you regularly and keep you updated throughout.

We urge you strongly to download the Aladdin Connect App as this will be our main communication tool going forward. Your child’s teacher will be able to communicate directly with you through the app, and you can also share necessary information with the school. If you have any questions regarding Aladdin Connect, please contact the office on 021-4308885 or by e-mail at secretary@upperglanmirens.ie.

You will also continue to find all the information you require regarding the school, procedures and policies, along with updated news, on our website at www.upperglanmirens.ie.


  1. Important Dates


School closures are listed on our website and can be found on the Aladdin Connect App. Dates for Parent / Teacher meetings will be shared later when guidelines will be clearer.


  1. When should I keep my child at home?

Children who are feeling unwell should stay at home and should not come to school. If your child is presenting with any of the following symptoms, please do not send him/her to school.

  • fever / high temperature
  • persistent cough
  • shortness of breath
  • change in senses of taste or smell

We ask you please to commit to checking for these symptoms every morning before sending your child to school.

If there is any concern that your child is presenting with any of the above symptoms, you will be contacted immediately. The school has infrared thermometers for use where there may be a concern. If you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact the school.

  1. Communication and appointments


The Aladdin Connect App will be the primary communication tool used going forward. We strongly encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. We will continue to use e-mail to share correspondence with you.

Teachers are available to meet by appointment, following strict guidelines while adhering to social distancing. All visitors to the school are required to complete a contact tracing form. Visits to the school should be kept to a minimum. Requests to meet teachers should be made through the school office on 021-4308885 or by e-mail at secretary@upperglanmirens.ie. Teachers are not available to respond to e-mail during the school day and are not able to respond to educational issues by e-mail. These discussions should take place at an arranged meeting between parent and teacher.


  1. Collections

Appointments with services outside the school should be kept to a minimum during the school day to avoid disruption.

If children are feeling unwell you will be contacted to collect from the school. You will be asked to contact the school office on 021-4308885 when you are at your child’s designated entry/exit gate. The secretary will contact your child’s teacher who will ensure your child is taken safely to their entry/exit gate.


  1. Money and Payments


The school encourages the use of our online payment facility. Please visit http://ugns.swoofee.com when payments are requested during the school year. A reminder that Book Rental payments are still due. Please contact the office on 021-4308885 or secretary@upperglanmirens.ie if you have any questions regarding payments.


  1. Parental consent

There are a number of parental consent/permission items for you to read on the Aladdin app. This replaces the form we have sent annually. Throughout the year, your child’s teacher may request your consent or permission for various activities that take place, in particular where your child may need to leave the school eg. tours. Please read and tick your preferences on the Aladdin app.


We look forward to another productive, exciting and happy year ahead in Scoil Naomh Micheál. As we adapt to a new norm, we strive to maintain an environment where all our children flourish and fulfil their potential. This is not possible without a shared partnership between home and school.

We will keep you informed should any changes to the above be required.

Le meas,

Patrick O’Connell