Over the past fortnight, Junior Infants have been having a lot of Halloween fun. In our History lessons, the children have been interviewing their parents and grandparents at home to find out what Halloween was like in the past. They found out lots of information about home made masks and costumes and Halloween games. We had a visit from Elaine Harden who is a parent of three children in our school and who also grew up in the locality. She made a lovely witch 🙂 and told the children all about Halloween in the past. We learned about Halloween games and even played some of them in school. Thank you Elaine!

On Thursday we performed our Halloween poem Five Little Pumpkins for our friends in the older classes and we watched all of the other performances. Friday was our big day! All of the children (and even the teachers) came to school dressed up and we performed at the parents’ coffee morning. We were a big hit!

Enjoy the pictures below and Happy Halloween!

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