Ms. O’Sullivan 20/21

🌍📚Welcome to Rang a Trí 2020/2021🌈🌟

Dia duit agus fáilte go dtí suíomh idirlín Rang a Trí. Hello and welcome to the internet page for Third Class.

Tá súil againn go mbainfidh tú taitneamh as on suíomh seo i rith an bhliain. We hope you will enjoy the site during the year.

Sin É…That’s it…school year 2020/2021 complete

Well done Rang a Trí for all your great work, both in school and during distance learning. It was a year like no other but we made it and had some great fun too. 
best wishes to you all in the future and enjoy the summer holidays,

Slán go fóil,

Ms O’Sullivan 😊

Here is a video with  a summary of memories from our last term… enjoy


Talent Show

Mí Meitheamh

⚽️⚽️⚽️Soccer Blitz ⚽️⚽️⚽️

We had great fun today in the community field with a class soccer blitz. The sun shone which was a great help and we  really enjoyed the games. Here are some photos of our games and teams 

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Rang a Trí ran lots today doing orienteering around the school grounds. Great teamwork and thinking skills came into play too. A great PE lesson 👍

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Walk to Ros Ard

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Trip to the Sensory Garden…Friday fun 

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Weaving with card

Mí Bealtaine

Finished Clay  Creations

We painted our Clay and they turned out really well.

Maths Games 

We had fun today rolling dice and creating our own multiplication sums in our groups.

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🐝🐞🦟🕷🪰 Bug Hotel 🐛🪱🐝🕸

We paid a visit to newly opened Bug Hotel on the school grounds. We added leaves, bricks, grass, twigs and pine cones. Hopefully it will attract lots of creeping customers and they will be crawling to get in 😃

Drámaíocht 27th May

we had great fun on Thursday 27th trying out impromptu drama. Here are some photos of scenes we created…

Painting Clay

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18th May…House of Circuits by the Lifetime Lab

Today we got to participate in a zoom class with Úna from the Lifetime Labs. Everyone had a box of equipment to work with that was delivered to the school in advance. Úna explained the topics and experiments in great detail and guided the children to build simple circuits using a battery, lightbulb and wires with crocodile clips. We also got to work with motors and learned all about conductors and insulators. The hour flew by and we learned a lot about circuits. We really enjoyed the experience. 🙂

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Ealaín…Clay Creations

7th May…We used clay today create unique pieces of art. We really enjoyed the experience. 

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Mí Aibreáin 

Picnic sa pháirc …we made the most of one our fine days and had a picnic in the field. A nice change from the classroom 👍😊

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Some fun in the sunshine…🌞

Siúlóid go dtí an ghairdín…🌻

We went on a lovely walk to the sensory garden and did some of our lessons there. It was a great way to complete our activities and get lots of fresh air 😎

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Ealaín Rang a Trí 30.04.21🌳

Today we enjoyed creating these beautiful images of cherry blossoms. Have a look at the wonderful work we did.

March Memories 

Green for St Patrick’s Day ☘️ 

Easter Bunnies 🐰🐰

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Oíche Shamhna

Mí na Shamhna…. A Busy Month

Rang a Trí have been very busy since midterm. Take a look at some of the photos of what we’ve been learning.


20/11/2020 …REBEL ROAR For the Munster Football Final this weekend

Video of our REBEL ROAR with rang a 3 agus 4 agus rang a 6








02/12/2020 Rang a Trí go on a Scanvenger Hunt

03/12/2020 Learning about Division

Winter Themed Art in Pastels

Christmas Decoration making…turned into a contest to see who had the longest paper chain

Christmas cards