Spraoi Homework


Scientific research shows that short periods of physical activity–even as little as 10 minutes at a time–performed throughout the day provide health benefits similar to longer periods of physical activity. Aim to do two or more of these activities every weekday. Let’s get active after school!


Cycle your bike for 10 minutes




Go for a walk


Dance to your favourite song


Skip for 2 minutes

(count how many times you can skip in a row)


Throw a Frisbee with someone for 10 minutes


Kick a ball with someone for 10 minutes





Play tag/catch for 10 minutes

Play a physical activity game of your choice for 10 minutes Play balloon tennis/ volleyball (Use fly swat as racket and balloon as ball)  

Ride your scooter for 10 minutes


Draw your own hopscotch with chalk and play




Throw a ball with someone for 10 minutes (use different sized balls)


Create your own obstacle course


Run for 5 minutes

10 minutes of Active housework: vacuuming, sweeping etc.

10 minutes of free play outside




If possible, walk home from school one day


Play Simon says using exercises


Child’s choice of physical activity for 10 minutes


Parents’ choice of physical activity (maybe teach them a new skill)


*10 Push-ups (on knees)




*Hold plank for 10 seconds- 30 seconds


*10 Jumping Jacks


*20 High Knees


*20 Heel kicks


*Hop on Left Leg 10 times (repeat)




*Hop on Right leg 10 times (repeat)


*Squat for 30 seconds (repeat)


*20 sit ups/ crunches


*Run on spot for 30 seconds

*Mix and match these exercises to make up a circuit for 10 minutes

As a parent, You play an important role in helping your child to be active by being active yourself, finding fun ways for the family to be active together and setting limits on screen time.

Free play is just as important as structured sports. Running around, playing in the garden or local park and having fun ALL count.  Kids also love a challenge – setting them a task is a great way to get them active and keep them focused. For example, ask them: ‘How many times can you throw and catch a ball between you without dropping it?’ or ‘How many skips can you do in a minute?’. – See more at: http://www.safefood.eu/Childhood-Obesity/6-Healthy-Habits/BeingActive.aspx#sthash.sS2LFl78.dpuf