Online learning week 2

Friday 22nd

Good morning boys and girls. Well done you have nearly completed your second week of online learning! You did great!

Don’t forget to log on for the zoom call if you can at 1:00pm. Here is the link:  Zoom drop-in  It is the same password as last week, if you have forgotten it just send me an email and I will resend it.

Test Just like last week take out your January Copy and rule it as you would for a test.

Over the first column write Gaeilge and on the other write English. If you have someone that can ask you your spellings great if not you can test yourself using the Look, Say, Write, Cover, Check method. For the English spellings some of you are working on the list from last week and others are doing the dictionary words from this week.

For your tables test you will find the link to daily 10 here: If you spent time learning your tables this week then you should be able to get full marks doing 5 seconds.

MYM p34 Friday Maths test help

Maths The answers from MYM and PM are here: Maths answers

PM p132 do B

English 15 minutes reading a book from here: (class code: vmr3147)

Oral language: You are going to hear about what a refugee is and some reasons why people become refugees. When you are finished I would like you to write any two facts from the clip that shocked you into your January copy. What is a refugee?

Listen to episode 16 of 6 minutes here: Mums office

and 17: Moms secret

Gaeilge F+F p54 make sure the box under the crossword is finished.

Verb test. Take your time with this test I have put some answers in to trick you out. Can you get to the end of the test without loosing any lives? Click in the link to take you to the Verb test. Write out any of the verbs you got wrong in your copy.

Remember caol le caol, leathan le leathan.

AL p78 do H (find the odd one out) You can just write the answer for this one. Use your dictionary and vocab sheet if you are unsure of any of the words.


Art Doodle hand art (patterns) 

Ms. Duggan designed an art lesson for you to do today. Her design turned out beautiful. What kind of one can you create?

Here is what it will look like when you finish.











Step one: get your supplies ready. You will need 2 white pages. A black marker, colours (pencils, crayons or markers!) a scissors and pritt stick!

Step two: trace your hand on one of the white pages.

Step three: cut out the hand and pritt stick it onto the second white page.

Step four: section off your page whichever way you like. You could use straight lines, wavy lines, zigzag lines etc. Remember to draw over your hand template for this bit! It must be included in the sections.

Step four: begin to doodle on the hand part of the art work using your coloured markers/pencils use as many different designs and patterns you can and try your best to be super original here


Step five: finish your doodling in black and white in the background!

I think Ms. Duggan deserves a round of applause for her fabulous design. Enjoy!



Thursday 21st January

Can you believe its Thursday already? Nearly another full week of online learning completed.

I was delighted to get some names of who would like to do the show and tell for our Zoom tomorrow. If any of you forgot to send me the message yesterday then you can let me know today.

Best of luck again today!

Maths Correct your MYM and PM from yesterday



MYM p34 Thursday MYM help video

Tables divide by 9. Count up in 9’s, time yourself, how fast can you get to 108, could you go faster than yesterday? Did you beat 15 seconds yet?

You can practice your daily 10 ahead of your test tomorrow if you wish here:  Daily 10 

Or practice your tables with Hit the Button.

PM p131 pick any 2 + p132 C and try E as a challenge. Help with PM

English Play this game again to revise your dictionary words. Pac Man game

SL p107 do  A1, 3 +5 and B 1+5

Reading: 15– 20 minutes reading your own book today. Just like last week if you are in the middle of your own book you can continue reading it otherwise I would love you to try the online class library here: Our class code: vmr3147


Gaeilge Aimsir Laithreach (gach lá) verbs. Correct the verb you did yesterday (fág – to leave) and conjugate (write the verb) ól – to drink.

F+F p53 do G+H

Vocab sheet – learn new vocab highlighted in red: Vocab sheet – day 4

AL p75 léigh an comhra aris. (read the conversation again)

AL p78 éist agus líon ne bearnaí. (listen and fill in the blanks)


Music Activity 1 – This is a sort of clapping challenge. It starts off nice and slow and by the end it gets very fast. Can you keep up with the clapping, clicking and slapping? I would love to see a video if you can do the very fast bit at the end!  Bim Bum challenge


Activity 2 – See can you learn the Cup Song. You will need a sturdy plastic/paper cup. Again, I would love to see a video of this if you manage to learn it. Have fun Cup song

SPHE Last week I hope you enjoyed the Zen Den. This week I am going to get you to try some yoga. This yoga is Minecraft yoga. If you want to take a picture of some of the poses you do I would love to see them.

Minecraft yoga


Wednesday 20th January

Fun facts of the day: For most people it is not possible to lick your elbow.

                                 It is physically impossible for a pig to look up at the sky. 

I hope you are all having a lovely week.

We will have a zoom check-in again this Friday and I am hoping to do a show and tell. If you would like to show your pet or an object to the rest of the class then use the zoom to do a show and tell. Before Friday, I would like you to practice what you will say. You could make a list of what you want to chat about to help you when you are speaking about your pet or object e.g. pets name, what kind of a pet it is (breed of dog or cat), how old they are, what they like and dislike, what things you need to do to care for them (walk them/wash them/clean out their cage). You will have four minutes to chat about your pet or object and then I will allow the rest of the class to ask you a question or two about it. I will try to get through as many as I can on Friday but if we don’t get through everybody then we can do it the following Friday. Just so I have an idea of how many people would like to speak can you let me know by email when you send in your homework if you would like to talk. If you have any questions about this then please don’t hesitate to ask me.

Best of luck with the work today!

Maths 1. Correct you MYM and PM first:










2. MYM p34 Wednesday MYM help video

3. Tables divide by 9. Count up in 9’s, time yourself, how fast can you get to 108, could you go faster than yesterday? Send on a video if you can beat 15 seconds.

Practice your tables here Do step 3 and 4 today.

4. PM p130 4+5. Look carefully at each letter in each term and try your best. It is tricky to see some of them but try your best, get help from someone at home if you need. Try B as a challenge, how many can you get out of 6?

English 1. Play this game again to revise your dictionary words. Can you beat your score from yesterday? Pac Man dictionary game

2. SL reading p106

3. What is a homophone? Watch this to remind yourself what a homophone is.

Play this game to practice some easier homophones before you begin your Starlight.

4. SL p108 do E (full sentences)

4. Listen to the next episode of 6 minutes: Hovie to the Rescue

Do you think it is a good idea to tell Mom? What do you think Mom has planned? Is dad happy or upset that Holiday was at the base?

Gaeilge 1. Aimsir Laithreach (gach lá) verbs. Correct the verb you did yesterday (dún – to close) and conjugate (write out the verb) fág – to leave.

2. F+F p53 do E+F

3. Vocab sheet – learn new vocab highlighted in blue. Vocab sheet – day 3

Try to practice the vocab with someone at home. Maybe you could do a zoom call with someone else in the class and have a game of shop using the new vocab and phrases.

4. Comhrá – éist agus leigh (listen and read AL p75)


History The Celts

I know we briefly looked at The Celts last term but we are going to look at them in more detail today.

Watch this power point video with lots of information about the Celts. Press the over arrow or tap on the screen to go to the next slide.

Open your Unlocking SESE on pg3t6+37 and read the information. Answer the 4 questions in the checkpoint box on pg37

I have attached a Celtic design colouring page that you could print off if you would like to do some colouring.

History colouring pages

If you do not have a printer why not try online colouring? Take a screenshot and send it to me if you decide to do it this way.  Celtic tree of life

Tuesday 19th January

For your extra subject today you have PE. I am setting you a PE challenge, it is called the Bop It Challenge. If you want, take a video of yourself doing it and send it onto me. If someone gets a really high score I might share the video in our zoom call on Friday!

Good luck with your work today and again if you are finding anything really tricky please don’t forget to let me know when you email me.

  1. Correct your MYM from yesterday

2. MYM p34 Tuesday MYM help video

3. Tables divide by 9. Count up in 9’s, time yourself, how fast can you get to 108, could you go faster than yesterday? Send on a video if you can beat 15seconds.

Practice your tables here Do step 2 today.

4. PM p129 do B + p130 A no1+2+3

English 1.Revise your dictionary words by playing a Pac Man game here. Pac Man game

2. SL reading p105

3. SL p107 do C


Gaeilge 1.F+F p53 do C+D

2. Vocab sheet – learn new vocab highlighted in pink Vocab sheet – day 2

3. Aimsir Laithreach (gach lá) verbs. Correct the verb you did yesterday (díol – to sell) and conjugate (write) the verb dún – to close.

4. Unjumble the sentences based on the story ‘An Baile Mór’ here: Write the full sentences in your copy.


  1. I am going to set you a PE challenge today. It is called the bop it challenge. Watch the video below to see how to complete the challenge: Bop it challenge
  2. Joe Wicks has started his PE classes again. A lot of families enjoyed them during the last closure. Here is a link to his YouTube channel.


Mini project Continue on with your mini project. If you need to see the criteria again click here. Mini Project


Monday 18th January

Good morning boys and girls, happy Monday! I hope you all had a lovely well deserved weekend after all of your hard work last week. This week is going to be a similar layout to last week. Your work for the day will be online each morning, complete the work as best you can and when you have finished for the day email me all of your work together.  If you find any area of work particularly tricky make sure and let me know when you email me.

Maths 1. Correct your MYM test here:

2. MYM p34 Monday

3. Tables divide by 9. Write out all the factors of 9 (9, 18, 27 …) up to 108. Can you find a pattern? Count up in 9’s, time yourself, how fast can you get to 108?

Practice your tables hereDo step 1a and 1b today.

4. This week we are moving onto patterns – before you start I want you to find a pattern around the house or create your own one.

PM p128 do C + p129 do A

English 1. Dictionary words: extract, scarce, permitted, coarse, dormitories, incapable, emigrate.

2. SL reading p104

3. Listen to episode 14 here:

Spellings: if you have more spellings to learn from the list last week continue working through them. If you have finished learning all the list your spellings this week are the dictionary words.

Gaeilge 1. F+F p52 do A+B

2. Vocab sheet – Vocab sheet – day 1

3. Aimsir Laithreach (gach lá) verbs. Correct the verb you did Friday (glan) and conjugate díól – to sell.

4. AL p84 go G. No need to write the question just the answer. e.g. 1. Tá trí euro air.


Italy – lesson 2

Have a read about Italian food and what it is like to live in Italy.

When you have finished I would like you to log into your get epic account (class code is: vmr3147) and have a look through the Italy book and answer the questions below. I have put what page you will find the answers on to help you out.

1. How do many Italians get around? (p26+27)

2. At a main meal what food is normally eaten first? (p30)

3. How many days a week do Italian kids go to school? (p32)

4. How many times has Italy wont the football world cup? (p38)

5. What did the Italian inventor Marconi invent? (p43)


Mini project. I am going to give you a mini project to complete if you wish. You do not have to do this work but it will give you great practice on project work if you have the time to do it.

Choose any country in the world and create a mini project on that country. This project can be as long (a booklet) or short (one page) as you like. Some important things to include in your project would be:

1. Title (name the country)

2. Fact file (similar to the box you did for Ireland and Italy)

3. Geography – where you country is located, you could try draw a map or print a picture.

4. Flag of the country – draw it, what is the history of the flag?

5. Fascinating facts – Try and find some interesting facts about your country and think of imaginative ways to present them. You could do ‘lift the flap’, questions and answers, a quiz, a matching game. You could include facts such as:

·         population
·         capital city
·         currency (money used)
·         Longest river
·         highest mountain
·         size of the country
·         other countries that share a border with your country.
·         animals that are native to that country
·         national dishes of that country (e.g. Italy = pizza, Ireland = potatoes)
·         famous people from that country

Some websites that might help you with your project are: (go to ‘search resources and type your country in)