U.C.C. Tyndell Institute visit –

Bubbles & Lasers Workshops

On Friday 6th February, Cillian’s uncle David and his work colleagues visited our school and put on two workshops – Bubbles and Lasers.

We learnt that light can travel 8 times around planet Earth in 1 second. The green laser light is very dangerous and should not look directly at it. Lasers are used every day in phones, PS3, X-Boxes, dvd players, televisions and in alarms. In some banks lasers are used to for alarm systems.

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We also learnt that you can create bubbles from just using your hands, water and Fairy liquid. We made lots of different types of bubbles.

Science – Working with Forces.

Rang a Dó did some work recently with magnets to show forces. We also experimented to show how magnets attract some types of metal. Have a look at the pictures to see what we did.

IMG_9500 - Copy IMG_9501 - Copy IMG_9501 IMG_9502 IMG_9503 IMG_9504 IMG_9505


Rang a Dó had fun planting bulbs in the classroom.

We planted Tulips and Daffodils. We used compost, bulbs, flower pots and water.

We planted 19 on Friday 14th November and 9 on Friday 21st November.

It will be interesting to see which ones will grow first.

We are looking forward to watching them grow over the next few months.

IMG_9360 IMG_9359 IMG_9333 IMG_9332 IMG_9331 IMG_9330 IMG_9329 IMG_9328 IMG_9327 IMG_9324 IMG_9325 IMG_9326 IMG_9323 IMG_9322 IMG_9321 IMG_9320 IMG_9319 IMG_9318 IMG_9317 IMG_9316 IMG_9315 IMG_9314 IMG_9313 IMG_9312 IMG_9311 IMG_9310