May/June News from Rang a Dó

First Holy Communion

Rang a Dó received their First Holy Communion on 30th May 2015 in St. Michael’s Church, Upper Glanmire. Fr. John Heinhold celebrated the mass along with Fr. John Newman. There was a great crowd in attendance. We had a great day and really enjoyed the mass. We sang songs like “Shout to the Lord”, “We come to your Feast” and “Siúl i Solas Dé”. It was a very special day.

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Six Nations Cup

Rang a Dó and all of our school were thrilled when parent Ken O’Connell brought the Six Nations rugby trophy to our school on Wednesday 10th June. We even did a mini maths lesson and discovered that the trophy is about 57cm tall.

We got our photos taken with the trophy too and we are a really lucky school to have had the trophy brought on a visit. Thanks again Ken.

IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0146 IMG_0148


Outdoor Maths Trail

With the weather having improved, we had a maths lesson outdoors which involved measuring, counting and discovering maths outside our school. We had great fun and learned a lot. We discovered that there is a lot of maths at the front of the school and in the junior playground too.

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Orienteering/Maths Lesson

We really enjoyed an orienteering lesson that involved maths too. We were in teams and we had to follow mini maps Ms. O’Connor gave us to solve the clues and crack the code. We had to do a lot of running to find the clues and everyone had great fun 🙂

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