Virtual Sports Week – Kicking

The weather wasn’t great for our first day of Virtual Sports Week, and if you didn’t get out for your walk or run, don’t worry! You can still do it at any time this week and send on your picture.

Today we have some kicking challenges for you.

1. Through the gate

Below you will see Mr. Scanlon and Mr. O’Sullivan kicking through the cones. If you don’t have cones, you can use any other item as your ‘gate’. Try kick the ball on the ground, and try kick out of your hands.

2. Kick a target

Below you will see Mr. O’Connell kicking a target in the corner of the goal. You can choose any target at home and aim to knock it down.


3. Wall and through the goal

This time you will see Mr. O’Connell kicking the ball off the wall and through a goal. (This one took a few takes). You can make it harder by moving further from the wall before kicking.

4. Wall ball

Mr. O’Sullivan and Mr. Scanlon played a game of wall ball. With a partner, kick the ball off the wall, with the aim being to kick the ball before it stops. We are sure you will do better than the two teachers!


Why not create your own versions of the videos above, make your own rules and be creative with your resources. Maybe try a trick shot?

Most importantly, enjoy yourself and have fun!