Green Flag News

On Tuesday, November 18th, our new Green School Committee had their first meeting. As you may be aware, our school has already been awarded three green flags for the themes of Litter & Waste, Global Citizenship and Energy.

The theme we will be working on for the next two years is Water. This is certainly a topical issue and we look forward to learning a lot about our consumption of Water and how this impacts the environment.

Our new committee members are as follows: Ms. N. O’Halloran, Ms. C. Flanagan, Mr. Fergal Manley (Dad of Kate in second class), Kaelan Skillington (6th), Jack O’Callaghan (6th), Amy Cashman (5th), Erin Kelleher (5th), Ellie Twomey (3rd). Daniel O’Keeffe is our 4th class committee member but was not present for the photo. There were lots of exciting ideas put forward at our meeting and we look forward to sharing them with you soon!