Upper Glanmire N.S.

August 31st – Dates, Times, Procedures etc.

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I hope you had a nice summer break and are settling back in to the routine of school. Below we have provided you with some of the information you may need for the year ahead. We will use our website to communicate with you as much as possible, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to working closely with you over the coming school year.

Le meas,

Patrick O’Connell

Important Dates



Morning & Evening

  • Classes start at 9.20.
    • The school will open at 9.00 am each morning to accept pupils. No responsibility can be accepted for children who arrive before that time.
  • Children will be supervised in the yard at the rear of the school. The children will be collected by their teacher at 9.20am and taken to their classroom.
  • Children arriving late to school will be asked to report to the school office. A record of children arriving late will be kept in the office.


  • It is imperative that parents/guardians collect all children at the school gates thus avoiding the possibility of any child crossing the road.  A teacher will be designated to keep an eye on children up to 3.10.  No responsibility can be taken for children who are not collected at this time.
  • Children in 1st/2nd classes will exit via silver gate at the main entrance of the school. 3rd/4th class will exit through the small green gates at the middle of the school building. Children from 5th-6th classes will exit via the large green gate to the left as you face the school.


  • Parents/Guardians should note that the car park at Upper Glanmire Community Hall has been reserved exclusively for school staff on schooldays.  Please do not use this car park in the morning or evening. Teachers and others staff members have agreed to use the community hall car park and to allow parents/guardians exclusive access to the area in front of the school for set down and collection.
  • Children who remain on for school activities should go straight to the relevant room or hall etc. at 3pm.
  • We seek the co-operation of all parents/guardians in supporting these safety guidelines and in explaining them to their children.   Parents/Guardians must ensure that children are always accompanied and supervised outside the school gate (and advised accordingly).



  • A child’s attendance at school is essential in order to ensure that he/she progresses to the best of his/her ability.  Therefore absences should be kept to a minimum. Details of school closures are circulated to enable parents to organise holidays outside of school times. 
  • All absences should always be communicated in writing to the class teacher when the child returns to school.   Absences will now be recorded on the schools data system and teachers will have to have notes explaining absences as soon as a child returns.  Otherwise the reason for an absence will be recorded as “Unknown”. The form at the back of the school journal should be used to report school absences (classes 1 to 6).  Schools are required to report absences (and the reasons for them) in excess of 19 days to The Education Welfare Board.  Although attendance is important, children who are ill should be cared for at home (in their own interest and in the interest of other children in the school). Please do not ring the secretary re. absences unless in the case of illnesses  such as  chicken pox, measles etc.
  • If a child will be late coming to school (e.g. in the case of a dental appointment), please notify the school in advance so that we will be able to mark the child “present” if and when he comes in.
  • In exceptional circumstances where children are required to be collected from the school during the school day, it is important that the school is informed in advance.  These children must then be collected at the secretary’s office and will not be allowed out of the school to wait for parents/guardians.  Parents who collect children during the school day will sign at the secretary’s office.
  • The school should be notified of any change of address, contact number, relevant legal matter, collection detail, etc. as soon as possible.





We would like to remind parents/guardians that this school has a Healthy Eating Policy which supports parents in providing healthy and nutritious lunches.  As there are a number of children with nut allergies in the school, Nutella is specifically banned from school lunches. Also lunches must not be shared. We seek the co-operation of all parents/guardians in helping us to promote healthy eating.


Since this condition can be extremely serious, we are asking for your help in minimising the risk to this child by:


  1. Avoiding giving children peanuts/nuts in school lunches
  2. Avoiding giving peanut butter sandwiches, other spreads containing nuts such as Nutella and snacks/bars containing nuts or labelled “may contain nut traces” in school lunches
  3. Asking children not to share their lunches.


It is important that all parents carry out the suggested measures and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.


  • We will not be in a position to make calls for children who forget to bring items to school. Calls will only be made in the event of a child becoming ill in school.




School Website

We will use our school website as an up to date diary of our school life.  Children’s photos and pupil’s written work  are uploaded to the school website.  These are generally group photos and children’s names are not included.  Please email the school at ugns.principal@gmail.com if you do not wish to have your child(ren)’s photograph uploaded to the school website.


The school website will be used to communicate with parents as much as possible. This will significantly reduce printing costs in the school and ensure that information is available for all to see.



Money and payments

When sending money into school during the year, please ensure that it is in a sealed envelope with the official form and with your child’s name and class clearly marked.




As you are aware, the school day of our teachers is an extremely busy one. If you wish to meet with your child’s teacher, please make an appointment through the school secretary and we will be happy to meet you outside class time.