Upper Glanmire NS

2016-2018 Travel Flag

Car Parking

As we work towards our Green Flag for Travel, we continue to promote walking to school and car pooling to reduce the numbers of cars outside the school before and after school. The parking area outside the school has been re-lined and we are encouraged to share the diagram below with the school community.

The centre lane is for the continuous flow of traffic and cars should never stop here to collect children or allow children to exit. You will notice that there are designated parking spaces on both sides with a designated set down area on the left. We ask that as soon as you have dropped or collected children that you free up this set down area.

As always, safety is our priority and we always ask that you park your car and collect children from inside the school gate. Children will be supervised inside the school gates but we cannot accept responsibility for children outside the school gates. We thank you for your continued support.

WOW Launch- Wednesday 15th March, 2017

On Wednesday, 15th March, we launched our Walk on Wednesday campaign. This initiative aims to encourage families to travel to school in a more sustainable way.

Because of our school’s location we decided to focus on walking, car pooling, park and striding and taking the bus. We planned to meet at Ros Ard at 9am  to walk to school together. The Green School Committee visited the classes leading up to the launch to explain it to them. Notes were sent out to parents along with a message on the website. Keelings Fruit very generously sponsored us by giving us lots of fruit for all the participants.

We were delighted to see the sun shining on the morning of the 15th. We all wore green to add to the festive atmosphere and Ellen Murphy, our Travel Officer, was there with a banner and balloons. The walk was a big success and we hope that the whole school community will make an effort to continue this for the rest of the year, especially on Wednesdays.

February Walking Challenge: Results!

We have completed our February Walking Challenge and the results are in. Before our 10 day effort, 48 children in our school walked to school on a typical day. On Day 1 of the challenge, we had 104 walkers. On Day 2, 106 children walked to school. Day 10 saw 106 children walking again. There were also a lot of younger brothers and sisters and parents spotted on the route to school so well done to all involved. On all three survey days, Ms. O’Mahony’s first class had the highest number of walkers so well done to them. They have been awarded the golden shoes. We will now submit our information to the Green-Schools Travel Competition 2017 and will update you all when we hear back from them.

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February Walking Challenge

8/2/’17: Today was Day 1 of  our February Walking Challenge and despite the cold weather we had lots of walkers and ‘park and striders’ this morning. Lots of children walked from Ros Ard and others encouraged their parents to park at Ros Ard or outside the playschool and walk from there. Our Green Team surveyed all of the classes today and gave each walker a pedometer so that they can count their steps during the challenge. Ms. O’Mahony’s First Class were awarded the Golden Shoes for having the most walkers today. Well done First Class!


Walkability Audit

On September 29th, 2016, our Green School Committee along with School Travel Officer, Ellen Murphy undertook a walkability audit around our school. Their findings and recommendations are now available to view in the report below.


Green School News

Our new Green School Committee is now up and running. Lots of children were interested in being on our committee and there will be plenty of ways to get involved in the coming two years for those who were not chosen this time.


L to R, front row: Aoife Kiely (3rd), Mark O’Keeffe (4th), Ciarán Aitken (6th), Chloe Gaffney (5th), Lauren Kelleher (6th)

L to R, back row: Kate Browne (parent), Niamh O’Halloran (teacher), Caitlín Flanagan (teacher), Katherine O’Shea (Parent)

Our Green Team undertook a Walkability Audit on September 29th. They were accompanied by Ellen Murphy (School Travel Officer) and Pat O’Callaghan (school caretaker). The results of this audit will be posted in due course.


Dear Parents,

Green-Schools is an international environmental education programme, environmental management system and award scheme that promotes and acknowledges long-term, whole school action for the environment. Here at Scoil Naomh Micheál, we have been involved in this initiative for a number of years.

We are currently in the process of selecting a new Green School Committee to help us achieve a Green Flag for the theme of Travel. Over the next two years we will be trying to increase the number of pupils walking, cycling, “park ‘n’ striding”, carpooling or using the school bus, which will ease congestion by reducing the number of private cars arriving at the school gates. This will also lessen the overall impact on the environment, by reducing emissions and pollution.

If you would like to be involved in this initiative by being  part of our committee, or there is any other way that you could help,  please send us a note to let us know and we will contact you. We will have 4-5 meetings during the year which will take place during school hours.

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Flanagan & Ms. O’Halloran

Green Schools Committee