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Dé hAoine 12ú Márta 2021

A huge well done everyone…

you have made it through 9 weeks of distance learning 🙂

Happy Friday Everyone,

Hope you are all good today and looking forward to the weekend. The cup I created using and I typed in a lot of the activities you worked on during the time from 11th January to now. Amazing how much you got through. Go h-iontach ar fad.


ZOOM CALL – Go raibh míle maith agaibh to all those who made it to our zoom call yesterday. We had great fun going on a scavenger hunt, riddles and a drawing challenge. It was great to see you all 🙂

Ealaín den Scoth – Super works of art…well done all…from oxen to cats. Fantastic results

Chair Projects… Another wonderful creation. Very well done

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click the cup for today’s activities

Make sure you get everything organised over the weekend, box, books, copies, fully supplied pencil case, track suit, uniform, lunch box and drink bottle. Make sure you go to bed in plenty of time Sunday night for your big return to the classroom on Monday.

Well done and thank you to to all again.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Slán tamall agus bain taitneamh as an deireadh seachtain.

Ms O’Sullivan



Dé Déardaoin 11ú Márta 2021

Dia dhaoibh,

Tá an t-seachtain beagnach críochnaithe. The week is almost over. We are coming to the end of our distance learning journey. Today we will have our last class Zoom call. Details have been sent to your parents via Aladdin. Hope to see you there.

Fantasy Trees – Well done to all who completed this activity. You had every type of a fantasy tree created, from a chocolate tree to a money tree. Here are some of your wonderful creations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Owls, Oxen and Aliens… Super drawings everyone. Well done

Signs of Spring – thanks to Jamie for sending in these lovely signs of spring photos from his walk the other day.

Tower News. Look at the amazing Eiffel Tower created by your classmate. Fantastic work

Get Epic – almost 300 books read – go h-iontach ar fad 🙂

Here are your activities for today.

Go n-éirí libh agus slán go fóill,

Ms O’Sullivan



Dé Chéadaoin 10ú Márta 2021

Dia dhaoibh 🙂

I hope  you are all keeping well today. We have reached the middle of our last week of distance learning. Amazing how quickly the time has flown by.

I will organise our final zoom call for tomorrow. Details will be sent to your parents via Aladdin.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh – a huge thanks to everyone who has sent photos of all their amazing work this week. I love to see them and thank you for sharing. You certainly are enjoying Draw with Rob this week. 🙂

What about these CHAIRS…Watch this short video of the super creations you made…Obair den scoth 🙂


Here are your activities for today.

Slan tamall,

Ms O’Sullivan


Dé Mháirt 9ú Márta 2021

Fáilte romhaibh arís,

Conas atá sibh inniú? Nach raibh an aimsir go h-álainn inné?

A few wise owls arrived into my inbox yesterday. They made me smile. Thought I’d share them with you too. They turned out great 🙂 Delighted to see you are enjoying Draw with Rob.

Ross, Tommy, Carrie and Callum – well done 🙂


TADPOLE NEWS...They have grown even more. Check out today’s video update:

Super use being made of Get Epic...302 books read…amazing. Well done to you all 🙂

Look at all the books your classmate has read since the beginning of Distance Learning. Super Reading 🙂

Here are your activities for today.

Slán anois agus bain taitneamh as an lá.

Ms O’Sullivan

Dé Luain 8ú Márta 2021

Dia dhaoibh(Hi Everyone),

Conas atá sibh (How are you all?)?

Tá súil agam go raibh sibh ag baint taitneamh as an aimsir maithe a bhí againn agus ag dul amach san aer ag súgradh(I am sure you were making the most of the good weather we had and going out in the fresh air to play). As we are in the middle of Seachtain na Gaeilge, I would like you use Gaeilge as much as you can during the day. I have included phrases last week and I am doing the same this week, to help you along.

All going well, this will be out last week of distance learning. Let’s keep up the good work and keep sending in all your activities for the few days remaining.

First I would like you to have a look at all the fantastic towers made by the class last week. I am sharing this again as I know a good few missed it on Friday.

CHAIR PROJECTS – today is the last day to submit photos of your chairs. I have extended the deadline until today as a few of you told me you wanted to finish them over the weekend. I will share all the fantastic creations over the next few days.

Here are the activities for day.

Go n-éirí libh.

Ms O’Sullivan



Dé hAoine – 5ú Márta 2021

Happy Friday Everyone,

another week of distance learning is drawing to a close. 8 weeks down and 1 more to go.

We had a great attendance for our World Book Day Zoom Call yesterday. It was great to see you all. Well done to all who dressed up…It ended up almost being a Harry Potter themed call…what a coincidence 🙂 It was lovely to hear about the books you enjoy reading and thank you for sharing them with us. The time went by so quickly that we ran out of ZOOM time 😀


Tadpole News...Here they are…swimming…that didn’t take long. Thanks again to Lily for the great updates.


As Engineers Week draws to a close, I would like to say well done to all of you who tried out different experiments and activities. It is great to see such an interest in engineering. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the different types of engineering that are out there and there’s almost a type to suit everyone.

And we have a few “innealtóirí” (engineers) in Rang a Trí. Féach ar an fiseán seo…

Here are today’s activities.

Have a great weekend.

Slán tamall,

Ms O’Sullivan

Dé Déardaoin – 4ú Mártá 2021

Hi everyone,

Happy World Book Day. I am looking forward to seeing you this morning for our class zoom call.

We had a poem this week called A Dragon in the Classroom. Here I have shared some of the responses I received. I thought it was interesting how all the dragon’s are turned in the same direction. The teacher in Paddy’s picture certainly looks scared 🙂 Well done to you all.







Frogspawn Update…or should I say Tadpoles…Thank you Lily for keeping us up to date with their progress 🙂 At the rate they are growing, they will be almost jumping around the place before we are back in school 😀

From baking to cooking… Look at what Eva has made for her family…Chicken Pasta Bake…It looks delicious. Well done Eva 🙂

Pónaí ag imirt sacar – Pony playing soccer – Jamie’s pony looks to have a great skill – being able to play soccer. Great photo. Thanks Jamie

Here are your activities for today. Be sure and do some extra reading today for World Book Day. If you find it difficult to choose something to read, here is a little hint sheet to guide you along.

Bain taitneamh as,

Ms O’Sullivan



Dé Chéadaoin 3ú Márta 2021

Dia dhaoibh,

conas atá sibh inniu? Hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely dry weather this week. Thanks again to Lily for sending in the frogspawn updates. It’s getting a great reaction with classmates really looking forward to the next episode to see their progress 🙂

I got a great email to alert me that Rang a Trí has read over 250  books on GetEpic...That’s fantastic. Well done to all who are enjoying this format of reading.


I hope you enjoyed the David Walliams School Assembly yesterday. For anyone who missed it you can watch the video again HERE.

The Great Rang a Trí Bake-off 🙂 You baked everything from queen cakes to unicorn meringue poo 🙂 Amazing work and by all accounts you enjoyed it too. Some of you have even had requests of more for Mother’s Day 🙂 Here is a video of the great work. If I missed anyone’s photos for whatever reason, please email them and I will gladly include them on the video 🙂

Here are your ACTIVITIES for today.

Bain taitneamh as an lá.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan


Dé Mhairt 2ú Márta 2021

Hi Everyone,

hope you are all keeping well and ready for the day ahead.

You certainly have been busy. I am currently putting together the photos from the baking and the towers. I hope to have those ready to view very soon.

Don’t forget this week we have World Book Week/Day and Engineers Week. 

We also have Seachtain na Gaeilge which runs until 17th March. We will do a little bit each day for this too.

Lily has sent another update on the frogspawn. It is amazing to see how much it has changed in a few days.

Paddy created this amazing piece of art using the words from Gaeilge and It  looks really well. Great work Paddy 🙂

Last week I gave some one minute challenges just for fun. Lily has made the cup stacking challenge look very easy. Well done LIly 🙂

Have a great day today and here are today’s activities.

Take care,

Ms O’Sullivan

Dé Luain 1ú Márta 2021

Hello Everyone,

the beginning of the 3rd month of the year and our 8th week of distance learning. I hope you all had a great weekend and are all set for the week ahead.

This week there will be lot’s happening. We have World Book Week/Day and Engineers Week. 

For World Book day we have registered to take part in a school assembly hosted by David Walliams. A link is posted on your activities sheet for today.

I hope you have a great day and week ahead. This is our second last week of distance learning, So keep up with the work and keep sending it to me please. Only 10 school days to go and we are back in the class room.

Here are your ACTIVITIES.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan


Dé hAoine 26ú Feabhra 2021

Hello Everyone,

we’ve made it to Friday again and reached the end of week 7 of distance learning. Thank you to all of you have kept up the good work each day and sent in your completed activities. You are doing fantastic and I am very proud of you. Only 10 more days of distance learning to go and all going well please God, we will be back in the classroom on 15th March.

READING…With World Book Day just around the corner, I am thrilled to see how much reading you are doing…and this is only the online reading I can see. I know many of you read your own books which is fantastic too. I just want to share with you how your class are doing with GetEpic. 41 hours of reading and 214 books. Keep it up 🙂

Your Class Summary

Books Finished
Hours Read

Green fingers 🙂 Mr O’Connell sent me some photos of a project you worked on way back in November. Have a look at this video to see the lovely splash of colour that will be welcoming visitors to our school at the moment. See can you pick out your own one from the photos 🙂

I have received an update from Lily about the frogspawn…look at how much growth has taken place in a few days. Amazing! Thanks for this Lily 🙂

ZOOM…for any of you who would like to see your classmates, there is a call today. Details have been sent to your parents via Aladdin. Here are some group photos from calls over the past few weeks. There is no pressure to make the call but it is a nice way for everyone to have a quick catch up 🙂








I hope you enjoy today’s activities and try out as many as you can. Don’t forget to send in your photos of your work(including towers, stories, BAKING, Dancing) and I look forward to viewing them 🙂

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend.

Take care,

Ms O’Sullivan

Thursday 25-02-2021

Hello to you all,

Hope you are all good today and off to a good start to you day. Thanks to all those who have submitted some amazing work again this week. It is great to see. I had an email to alert me that our class has now read over 200 books on GetEpic…Super reading folks. Keep it up.

I hope you have a great day today.

Here are the ACTIVITIES.

Take care,

Ms O’Sullivan

Wednesday 24-02-2021

Hi Everyone,

mid week again. I was updating this page last night and I had to check a couple of times to see that today really is Wednesday. The week seems to be going quickly. So, you have probably have heard the news about the date for returning to school on the news. We just have 2.5 weeks until we are back in the classroom. I would encourage you to keep up with the distance learning and sending your work to me via email. You are doing a great job so let’s keep it up.

TOWER NEWS – there has been a fantastic response to this little mini project. Some of you completed the challenge in one day. Great going. I am going to wait until all the photos are in to put them all together to show them to you. You will be AMAZED at what engineering skills your classmates have 😉

IRISH READING – well done to all of you who sent in little voice recordings of your Irish readings. It was like being back in the classroom. Very well done to you all and thank you.

PHOTO ROUNDUP – Have a look at some lovely photos I received yesterday just at the end of this notice.

Here are your ACTIVITIES for today. There is something extra in the Maths section to help you get ready for Friday so give a good look at that.

Keep up the good work and do your best to be your best 🙂

Have a great day.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan

Thanks to Lily for sending this photo of frog spawn she came across while out for a walk

Look at his amazing painting by Jessie… One of a collection of paintings she completed recently. Well Done Jessie…

Postcard delivery…One very happy looking recipient of a postcard from teacher. Little did I know that it would take so many days to get from here to you all. I would have been faster walking 😉 


Tuesday 23-02-2021



A budding artist and poet from Rang a Trí 🙂










Hello, Hello…

Hope you are all good today.

Today I have included a few extra bits that might help when the weather is not the best. One new addition is Minute to Win it. A little game that a few family members could get involved in. A new Art Project(2weeks to complete) along with the SESE project(1 week).

Here is the activity sheet.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan.

Monday 22-02-2021

Pancakes Pancakes 🙂

Welcome Back Everyone,

hope you all had a lovely break and are fresh and ready for WEEK 7 of distance learning.

I would like to see a super effort put in this week so that you will get the most out of everything. Set up a time table for yourself if you haven’t already done so. Do an activity, take a break if you need too. Eat well and get plenty of sleep at night. Fresh air is really good too, so once the weather permits, there’s no excuse not to go outside and do some exercise.

This week we will work on a little project for SESE which combines history, geography and science. Don’t forget to submit your work tomorrow morning(TUESDAY), once you have it corrected where possible. Neat writing and good layout is very important as it is a help to me when I am correcting it. 

Also, I messaged your parents before midterm to let them know about the Texaco Art Competition. This is a great chance for you to show your artistic talents. This year there is no theme so it can be a painting or drawing of anything you want. Details are available on the link below along with the entry form for entering from home. Best of luck! If you enter, please send me a photo of your work as I would love to see it.

Here are your activities for today.

Enjoy your day and I hope it is a great start to the week for you all.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan

Wednesday 17-02-2021

Hi Everyone,

hope you are all well and looking forward to the break tomorrow and Friday.

You have completed 5.5 weeks of distance learning…well done to you all. It has not been easy for any of us but you made it to midterm and that’s great. I have learned so much more about you -talents and skills I didn’t know you had, something I probably would not have known if we were still in the classroom. I have seen children’s skills develop and grow as the weeks have progressed which is great to see. I can see future artists, engineers, chefs, bakers and even TV presenters in the making. When you are rich and famous, don’t forget to come and visit me in Upper Glanmire 🙂

Now, it looks like Upper Glanmire has got got a forthcoming show …The Great Pancake Bakeoff … and your host is…

Have a look at this video to see which of your classmates it may be 🙂

Now the fantastic work doesn’t stop there…

Have a look at this video I put together of some amazing work completed by Rang a Trí. Well worth a look. Obair de Scoth!!

Now, here are TODAY’S ACTIVITIES. Hope you enjoy them. Today is Ash Wednesday so there are a few extra little activities related to this that you can do at home. There is a lovely Kindness Calendar that you can print off and display in your home to help you with the countdown to Easter. Also, there is a lovely virtual tour with a visit to a very famous place in Ireland. I hope you enjoy this and the extra activities that accompany it.

Have a great day. Enjoy midterm and the break for 2 days.

Don’t forget to send on any completed work and I will share as much as I can.

Take care and mind yourselves,

Ms O’Sullivan



TUESDAY 16-02-2021

Happy Pancake Tuesday Everyone,

hope you have a “flippin” great day 😉

I have lots of pancake themed activities for you to try today.

It looks like lots of you enjoyed your virtual trip to Dublin Zoo yesterday and others gave fantastic accounts of their “heroes”.

You have been a busy lot, so here is another set of photos of work you have sent in from heroes to cooks 🙂

A huge well done to everyone. Keep the work coming in…only 1 more day until midterm 🙂

Take care,

Ms O’Sullivan

PANCAKE TUESDAY Activity sheet

MONDAY 15-02-2021

Hi Everyone,

hope you all had a lovely weekend. The weather wasn’t hectic but yesterday evening wasn’t too bad. Plenty of fresh air 😉

Here’s a look at what Rang a Trí have been doing during week 5.

So we have reached the week of midterm. This week we will be working for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then we will have a break for Thursday and Friday. The setup for activities is slightly different this week as we will not be using the workbooks as much but instead we will be trying a few different activities while still learning lots of information and revising skills we have learned too.

Here are the activities for today CLIC ANSEO.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan



FRIDAY 12-02-2021


Happy Friday Everyone,

hope you are all good today. Yesterday you would have learned that today is the beginning of the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Ox. It’s a busy weekend with Valentine’s Day on this Sunday. It is great to see all the views on the videos of your work in the Gallery. A nice way for everyone to see what’s happening.

GET EPIC – It is great to see that so many of you are enjoying GetEpic for reading. Keep it up and if you are not using it, I hope you are reading lots of your own books. Very important to KEEP READING.

ZOOM – Today we have a zoom call for any of you who would like to see the others in the class. REMEMBER – an adult must be present in the room, stick to the rules and have a PENCIL and PAPER ready. Also, be sitting comfortably at a desk/table. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces 🙂

PROJECTS – Hope you enjoyed the display of the projects. It was great to see so many views on the work.

ARTIST… Another budding artist in the class. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Rang a Trí are very talented.

Here are today’s activities with hints of the theme of the weekend 😉 CLIC ANSEO

Have a great day and enjoy your weekend.

Don’t forget to send on photos/videos of any work you do especially art, music and the likes.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan


THURSDAY 11-02-2021

Hi Everyone,

Thursday again. Hard to believe how quickly the weeks are going.

I love sharing your work so if there is anyone who did the Laundry Art or any of the Fabric and fibre art last Friday and didn’t get a chance to send it yet, please do. Also, last call for the projects... Don’t leave them sitting there if you have them completed. I would love to see them. Thanks to all those who sent in their projects. Have a look at this video for a flavour of what was sent in. Also, check out our Virtual Gallery for more wonderful presentations.

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year so I have included some activities in Geography today for that. Today’s activity sheets is 15 pages. Not to worry. It’s just a few extra art activities I am sharing.

Remember, do an activity, take a break and do the next activity. Distance learning is different to homework as we were used to. It will take a little longer sometimes. Just give yourself a chance and try to do as much as you can by yourself.

Think of a school day.

We start at 9.20am. Break at 11am. Break is over at 11.10am. Lunch at 1pm. Lunch ends at 1.30. Home time at 3pm.

If you can break up your day into chunks like that it may help.

Have a lovely day everyone and look after yourselves. CLIC ANSEO for today’s sheets.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan


Wednesday 10-02-2021

Baking and Skills with horses… Third Class are very talented 🙂

Hi Everyone,

Mid week already…hope you are all keeping well and all set for another day of distance learning. You are doing really well.

You are getting EPIC at reading…150 books read…I got this sticker sent to me via email to tell me the good news. Delighted to see…well done. Keep it up. Reading books will be a great help for our character creations this week.

Here are your activities for today.

Have a lovely Wednesday.

Take care,

Ms O’Sullivan

Tuesday 09-02-2021

Good morning everyone,

hope you are all set for another day of distance learning. You are doing marvellous work and it’s great to see. Thank you for sharing some wonderful photos of your art, baking, cooking and outdoor activities. It is great to see.

Look at the fabulous painting by Robyn and a newly created cereal by Maria called Lexi Pops…very well done girls.

Here are your activities for today.

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards,

Ms O’Sullivan

Monday 08-02-2021

Hi Everyone,

hope you had a fantastic weekend. Cooler temperatures for today and tomorrow…maybe some snow… We will keep a look out.

Have a look at what some of you have been up to last week 🙂

PROJECTS – Thank you to all of you who sent in photos, videos and powerpoint presentations of your favourite countries. I am still going through them and working on a way that you can see them all. They will be worth seeing when I have them uploaded to the website. Well done to you all.

WRITING – This week I want you to focus on writing as our writing genre is Narrative. We will work on this over the next couple of weeks so take your time. Follow the steps in your activity sheet.

Have a mighty Monday.

Click HERE for activities.

Kind regards,

MS O’Sullivan 😉