Week 30th of March to 3rd of April

Dear 5th/6th class children and parents of Mr. O’Sullivan’s class,

Good morning everyone. I hope you and your families are all well and staying safe.

I want to remind you to take this week’s work as a menu for possible work rather than a requirement. We just want you to do your best. I want to repeat my message of getting out in the fresh air regularly (while adhering to the HSE guidelines) while the weather is so nice. My family and I planted seeds last week and they’re already starting to germinate. The RTE show “Grow, Cook, Eat” is brilliant for inspiration and advice. You can watch it previous seasons on the RTE player or on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm.

Thanks for those who have sent me video clips, documents, emails and photographs. The work being done is brilliant. Your parents should be so proud of you.

My email address is  n.osullivan@upperglanmirens.ie  and I will be checking emails during school hours. If you have any queries or concerns just let me know.

If you would like to use the digital form of your books you can log into FolensOnline.ie and put in the password Prim20       Folens have given access to all the Folens material using these details.

I wish you and all your families a nice Easter break. I know it will be a very unusual time but take this opportunity to enjoy each others company and I pray we will see each other again soon.

Stay safe and healthy,

Mr. O’Sullivan.



Week 2 (30th – 3rd)


Maths   ·         Revise multiplication and division tables.


The great balloon challenge is useful as well.

  • Complete week 26 Master your Maths activities.


  • Extra activities can be found on the website below






Gaeilge Abair Liom    Both Classes

  • P161 – Frásaí agus Foclóir – Practice these with your siblings or parents.


  • P94 – Practice the Eiseamláirí at the top of the page.


  • P98 and P99. Complete both pages over the course of the week.


  • Revise Aimsir Chaite verbs and practice with your parents or siblings.


English  Reading Zone

  • 6th Betty Brightside 5th Special Fridays    – Read the story.


  • Write out and look up the underlined words (Vocab)


  • Answer questions A – G in your copybook.


History  Unlocking SESE

  • Chapter 11 – Read the Chapter and write out 8 VIP’s in your copybook.


Science ·         Watch the video below and write down what you learned.



Geography         ·         Research a country of your choice. Project to be completed in the coming weeks.

Continue with this project.


Art          ·         Design an Easter Egg. Come up with some new ideas for flavours and design the packaging and the style of the egg. You can give it a price and an advertising slogan or campaign.


Pe           ·         One hour a day physical activity minimum. Practice your hurling or camogie skills, walk the dog, cut the grass or help your parents with housework. Upload images of your activities 😊


Religion: Grow In Love Pages 74-77- 3 VIPS

I would also like children to keep a daily diary over the coming weeks. A daily news entry might get you started and then you can add any worries, concerns or joyful thoughts you may have.

Keep reading a book of your choice and remember the book review we recommended. David Walliams has kindly released free audiobooks on https://bit.ly/AudioElevenses that you may like to listen to as well.

Cosmic Kids Yoga on you tube will help you to meditate each. Focus on your breath and remember the techniques I taught you this year to calm your mind and body.


Please find below a list of potential online resources I have put together, which may be of use to children and parents over the coming weeks.


Khan Academy (https://www.khanacademy.org/) – Khan Academy offers free courses of all grade levels to help students master subjects and accelerate their learning. Through these courses, Kahn Academy allows students to personalize their learning and learn at their own pace.

TEDEd (https://ed.ted.com/) – TEDEd brings lessons to life for students through animation. TEDEd’s goal is to ignite curiosity among learners. To do this, TEDEd collects the best teacher lessons around the world. Then, it turns them into shareable animated videos for students.

Lumosity (https://www.lumosity.com/en/) – Lumosity offers free brain games to keep student minds actively engaged. For example, the games use problem solving, critical thinking, and memory to keep students on their toes and strengthen their skills.

BrainPOP (https://www.brainpop.com/) – BrainPOP provides animated interactive lessons, quizzes, and games for core subjects and a variety of electives.

Mindspark (https://mindspark.in/index.php/) – An adaptive online tutoring system that helps students practice and learn mathematics. The system was shortlisted for the 2018 ICT in Education Prize.

Twinkl (https://www.twinkl.ie/) – Twinkl Educational Publishing is an online educational publishing house, producing teaching and educational materials.

Nessy (https://www.nessy.com/) – Nessy has a fun, multisensory approach to learning, using games, videos and worksheets to help build confidence and teach valuable reading, writing and spelling skills. Email  to request free 4 week trial

Nrich (https://nrich.maths.org/) – The Nrich Maths Project Cambridge,England offers Mathematics resources for children, parents and teachers to enrich learning.

The Kids Should See This (https://thekidshouldseethis.com/) – Educational videos for curious kids of all ages, a free resource for parents & teachers

Starting on Monday, for the next two weeks, Seomra Ranga will have a quiz for stay-at-home kids to complete. There will be a daily prize of a €20 Book Voucher to be won. It might pass half an hour at home!