Ms. O’Sullivan 19/20


I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you boys and girls who have been working very hard over the last few weeks. Ye are doing a fantastic job. I want to wish ye a very Happy Easter. I hope you enjoy the time with your families and eat plenty of chocolate 🙂

Talk to you all very soon,

Ms. O’Sullivan

happy easter



Easter crafting

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and minding one another. This week the SEN teachers decided we would come up with various Easter related activities for you all. Please take a look at all the SEN teachers pages for fun ideas from baking and sports to crafting and egg hunts. I hope ye all enjoy these activities in the lead up to Easter.

I have attached a link to some crafting ideas. You may not have the exact same materials in your home, but you can use other items. They might look even better!

Perhaps you could create an Easter card to post to your grandparents or other relatives you have not seen in a while. It will be sure to make them smile.

You could also create some Easter decorations for your home.

Easter egg hunts are another fun activity. Draw/ make your own eggs and hide them around the house/garden. You can make clues to help your family find them or just see who finds the most eggs to win. Enjoy!

Click the link bellow for crafting ideas.

Easter crafting

Please email me all of your creations, I would love to see them.

My email address is

Stay safe,

Ms. O’Sullivan



Dear parents and children,

I hope you have been enjoying the various typing games and activities that I posted last week. I have chosen two new typing games for this week and posted the links below. Please continue to follow the other typing programmes too.

This week, I would like to set you all a typing challenge. I would like you to use Microsoft Word or whatever the equivalent is that you would normally use, to send me a diary entry. Choose one day out of your week, this week or last week and send me a recount of your day. Make sure to start with when you got up and finish with when you went to bed, in other words, sequence your day. Don’t forget to start the diary entry with ‘Dear diary’, finish by typing your name and use paragraphs. Try your best!!

You can then email me your diary entry to my email address and I can send you some feedback. You can also let me know which typing programme or games you are using and how you are progressing with them.

My email address is

Don’t forget to check out all of the other SEN teachers pages for other fun activities.

I hope you are all staying positive and keeping your social distance during this time.

Stay safe,

Ms. O’Sullivan

Here are two new typing games. Perhaps you can have a competition with a parent or sibling and see who can get a higher score.


Remember: No looking at your hands!!!





Dear parents,

I hope you are all keeping well. I have attached a list of typing games, lessons and resources that your children can access on any laptop in your home. Simply click the links to get started. It might be an idea to choose one online resource for your child to work through at a time and keep track of their progress. You can contact me on my school email if you have any queries Please take a look at Ms. O’Brien’s, Ms. O’Donovan’s, Ms. O’Callaghan’s, Ms. Dooling’s or Ms. Conway’s pages for more helpful ideas and activities.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Ms. O’Sullivan


Typing activities and ideas:

Websites and online resources/games/lessons for children to follow:


Don’t forget- No looking at your fingers!!! Cover your hands with a tea towel to help you.