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Hello everybody

This week the SEN decided to have an Easter theme. We choose different Easter crafts/activities. Please look at all the SEN pages so that you can choose the ideas which interest you all. We hope enjoy them. Stay safe. I would love to hear from any of the children who would like to take a picture of their work or would like to tell me how you are getting on. As always I can be contacted on

Kind regards


Easter crafting

Easter games and activities

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Hi all

I hope you are all keeping well. This week I am going to focus on reading.

Reading is very important for all ages. It expands their vocabulary. It makes them better at it with practice.  It helps build independence and self-confidence.  It enhances their imagination. It improves their grammar and writing skills. It entertains them, it gives them something to do.

Reading is essential to just about everything in life – from cooking to driving to just getting through school. It is important to start at a young age and teach your child the value of reading so they will grow to practice it often and value their ability to do so.

Currently with libraries closed, I understand that books are not readily available. I have attached links for you to follow. They will lead you to websites where you and the children can discover many different types of books to enjoy.


  • You can also download the Kindle app on your iPad and access library books online.

I understand that everybody might not have access to the internet/iPad. These are merely suggestions if you are in the position to access them and if they pass part of the day during this difficult time.

Kind Regards

Judy O’Brien





Dear parents and children

I hope you are all holding up ok and managing during this strange time.

The SEN team are all working collaboratively. Each week we will post various activities for you to explore. We are all focusing on different areas, so it is important that you check all pages in the SEN section of this website.

I have attached suggested activities to develop gross motor skills.  All the family can join in, enjoy!

I can be contacted on if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Judy O’ Brien



Ball Skills – Throwing and Catching Activity Cardsgross-motor-skills