Ms. Flanagan 19/20


Dear Parents,

As we are continuing to follow the school calendar, we will not be posting on the website for the two weeks of the Easter holidays. If you would like to continue with the structure of doing school work daily, we highly recommend RTE Home School Hub. We’ve been watching this week and we all agree that this programme is very educational. It is curriculum based and supported by the Department of Education. We think that the children from 3rd and 4th class would enjoy it. It is on every day at 11am and might give you a break for an hour!

We will be checking our emails from time to time over the fortnight so if you need any help, support or advice during this time feel free to contact us via the email addresses we have already posted. We would like to wish you and your children a very Happy Easter. We sincerely hope that we’ll be back together in the classroom after the holidays but if not, we will be posting on the website again on Monday, 20th of April.

Kind Regards,

C. Flanagan, A. Duggan and N. Tutundjian




Good morning,

Firstly, I would like to wish Donncha a happy birthday for yesterday and Charlotte a happy birthday today! It will be a different way of celebrating this year, but I am sure you will make the most of it.

This week I will suggest some textbook/ workbook-based activities in the core subject areas again and I have a couple of other ideas from the other subject areas also.

Irish: We will stay with the theme of An Teilifís this week. Again, the vocabulary for this theme is in the hardback copies. Maybe at this stage the children would be able to use some of the phrases without using their copies. They can practise their Irish reading daily using the content on page 114 of Abair Liom, maybe concentrating on one paragraph per day. This story is read aloud in the resources section of the Folens website. Written activities on p. 115 can also be completed. In Fuaimeanna & Focail they can move on to Unit 21 and complete the activities as they normally would. As the spellings this week are action words, you and your child could play a guessing game, acting out the spellings for each other.

Maths: This week you can revise. I suggest revising tables especially ÷5 and ÷10 using the Hit the Button game. Children can move on to Week 24 in their Master Your Maths workbook. If they are finding certain areas difficult in MYM, you could use the Planet Maths textbook and Folens online resources to go back over these. Please find the answers for MYM below.

English: The children can move on to Unit 25 in Reading Zone and complete the activities on pages 104-105. Children could complete p. 21 in their Write On workbook, also writing each sentence twice in their writing copies.

SESE: If your child is working on their SESE project I would suggest adding a section headed Sources where they can list the websites or books where they found their information and also a section for My Own Ideas where children can write a few lines explaining what they liked or found interesting about their topic, maybe why they chose it or what new or unexpected information they learned. I recommend the Scoilnet website for researching SESE topics. The World Book website is another valuable resource which can be accessed for free through Scoilnet.

Literacy: On Friday I posted the on the school Facebook page on behalf of the Book Club. Some of the fifth-class girls had chosen Cookie by Jacqueline Wilson as our next book. If you are a library member, the book can be downloaded to any device using the BorrowBox app. It can also be purchased from or Alternatively, you could sign up to for a 30-day free trial and download it for free as an audio book. The book was chosen by some of the girls from 5th class so if you think your child might find it difficult you could read it to them or download it as an audiobook. Reading to your child allows them to concentrate on understanding the story rather than the mechanics of decoding words. It also allows them to access material that they might enjoy but might be a little advanced for their reading ability. I highly recommend reading aloud to your child as often as possible.

Religion: As Easter approaches children could read about Holy Week and Easter in their Grow in Love textbook p. 58-63.


This week RTE is starting a “school on tv” programme. It will be shown each day at 11 on RTE 2. I am going to check it out today as it may be something that we will find useful. Click on the link below for more information.

I am contactable at should you have any questions or if you and your child would like to share any completed work.

Kind Regards,

Caitlín Flanagan


Good morning,

I hope you are well and in good health and spirits. This week I will suggest some textbook/ workbook-based activities in the core subject areas and an outdoor activity. You can look back at last week’s post for suggestions in the other subject areas and I would again encourage children to continue to set learning goals at the beginning of each day and reflect on their learning in the evening.

Irish: An Teilifís is our theme again for this week. It would be great if the children could use some of the vocabulary from their hardback copies for this theme in their daily lives. They can practise their reading daily using the content on pages 108, 109 and 113 of Abair Liom. Written activities on p. 110, 111 along with H on page 112 and J on page 113 can also be completed. In Fuaimeanna & Focail they can move on to Unit 20 and complete the activities as they normally would.

Maths: We were hoping to teach the topic ‘Area’ during Station Teaching this week.

It has come to my attention that this power point is not part of the free content. Please email me if you would like me to send it to you.

This power point presentation would be a good way of introducing the topic and the children can complete activities on pages 138-142 of Planet Maths if you wish. There are some suggestions for concrete activities in the textbook also and you will find two online activities at the following link. See information on how to register for free with Folens below.

The children can move on to ÷5 tables this week. They can complete the activities on p. 32 and p. 33 of their Table Toppers workbook.

English: The children can move on to Unit 24 in Reading Zone and complete the activities on pages 99-100. Find a link to a power point about adjectives below, this would be a nice way to introduce the written activity E on page 100.

It has come to my attention that this power point is not part of the free content. Please email me if you would like me to send it to you.

SESE: As we are working on the theme of Biodiversity in Green Schools, I thought I would link to an article about National Tree Week which takes place this week. The article includes tips on how to identify different types of trees and mentions a free app to help with tree identification that is available from the British Wildlife Trust.


The publishers CJ Fallon and Folens are offering access to their resources for free during the school closure so if your child was absent or went home early when the closure was announced you can access all the books and workbooks online. For Folens, go to and click register. Select teacher. Fill in a user name, email and password. For roll number enter prim20. I would also like to remind you again that the above are suggestions and it is up to you to find a way of learning that works for your family situation. I would encourage you to have a look at the pages of the other teachers, including SEN teachers, as there are some lovely ideas and resources there too that might suit your child. I am contactable at should you have any questions or if you want to share your child’s work. Please pass on my best wishes to your children. Tell them their teacher is missing them and I look forward to seeing them soon.

Kind Regards,

Caitlín Flanagan


Dear Parents,

Good morning and I hope everyone is keeping well. I hope your children are coping in this strange situation and that they are ready for some school related activities!

Here at Scoil Naomh Micheál we believe that learning is a social pursuit best achieved when people are engaging with each other and working and playing together. As this will not be possible in a school setting in the coming weeks, we are encouraging the children to think about how they can learn independently or with their families.

I suggest that each child starts a new copy for this time. They could call it their Independent Learning Copy. We have been talking a lot about Learning Goals and Learning Strategies this year. If possible, each day your child should set some learning goals and record them in the copy. These goals might include some of the textbook/ workbook work that I have suggested or other activities as in the example below.



19/3 Learning Goals:

·         Complete page 138 of Master Your Maths

·         Help my parents to cook the dinner

·         Speak Irish while I am having my breakfast

·         Write a story


Your child can also write a short reflection each day to look back on their goals and learning. I am mindful of the challenges that may occur for families in the coming weeks and do not want to cause any extra stress or pressures for you and your children. I would hope that children could engage in this process independently for the most part.

I also ask you to appreciate that many of the activities that children engage in at home are highly beneficial for their learning. Playing with Lego and other construction toys, playing outside, practicing their sports, pretend play, board games, reading, painting, drawing, playdoh, helping with household chores, practicing musical instruments are all educational and worthwhile activities.

I will be suggesting work that the children can complete from their schoolbooks below. Please understand that these are just suggestions- it is important that you choose an approach that works for your family. You can contact me on during the school closure if you have any questions or if you would like to share pictures of the work your child has done.

I hope that the coming weeks go as smoothly as possible and look forward to a happy and healthy return to school soon.

Kind Regards,

Caitlín Flanagan





Suggested school work and activities


  • Our planned theme for the next few weeks is An teilifís. Written activities can be found in Abair Liom l. 106-121. Vocabulary for oral work can be found in the Irish hardback copy. The Seachtain na Gaeilge resources that Mr. O’Connell forwarded to you can also be used and explored.



  • Reading their own books at home would be very beneficial and children could keep a record of the books they have read and what they thought of them in their copy if they wish.
  • Today and tomorrow children could read p. 64 in Exercise Your English and complete B on p.65.
  • If you are a library member and have a digital device, BorrowBox is an app that allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your library for free.
  • I know a number of children in the class like to write stories or make books. This should be encouraged. Spelling or grammar are not priorities here.


  • The plan is to continue with ÷ tables. Children may have a look at the upcoming tables in their tables books if they wish but I would suggest that they use this time to revise and improve their speed and accuracy. They love the Hit the Button game which can be found online or downloaded as an app.
  • We were doing Maths Stations this month. Children can continue with 3D shapes this week and complete P.M. p.154 A 1+2. There are some useful resources available on (login info below).
  • Due to the Station Teaching, children have been doing sections of their Master Your Maths books independently. Children can complete up to Week 23, including the tests if they wish and if not already completed.
  • My plan was to revise Time with the children in small groups in Station Teaching. Several of the children have found this difficult. See Planet Maths p.18- 22 for guidance but referring to analogue and digital clocks at home would be very helpful.


  • Children are welcome to read ahead in their Grow in Love textbook or look back over previous chapters and I would encourage daily prayer and/ or religious stories if this is something that suits your family.

SESE (Geography, History, Science)

  • Usually in May I assign a project in this area, this might be a suitable task for children to do while home from school. Children can complete a project in any of the three subject areas on a topic of their own choosing. They can look through Unlocking SESE for ideas but are not restricted to these topics. These projects can be researched and presented in any way that works for you.

PE/ Drama/ Art/ Music/SPHE

  • Play, play and more play! This is a good opportunity for children to have time for free, unstructured play. Play can incorporate outside activities such as ball games, chasing games, trampolines. It can also involve dressing up and playing imaginative games. In school the children love getting an idea or theme and coming up with a drama based on this. Creative play such as drawing, painting, junk art is also very worthwhile. With structured activities cancelled in a lot of cases, make the most of this opportunity for more free play.
  • is a great, free resource for indoor physical activity. We use it on rainy days in school so the children are familiar with it. It is easy and free to create an account.
  • If you search for Cosmic Yoga on YouTube you will find yoga and meditation videos of varying lengths that the children are familiar with.
  • The Just Dance videos on You Tube are guided dance videos that the children enjoy. is a useful resource. They are offering free membership for parents and teachers during this time and their content covers all curricular areas. Go to and enter the code IRLTWINKLHELPS


Again, I would like to stress that it is hoped that the above suggestions are helpful and do not put further stress on you and your family.  As the primary educator of your child it is important that you choose a system that works for you over the coming days.