Ms. Conway 19/20

Week 3: 30th March 2020

Hello everybody!


Since this week we would have been getting Easter holidays we decided we would have an Easter theme this week and have some fun games and activities. Don’t be under pressure to complete these, pick and choose you would and your family would like to do. Please check the Ms. Dooling’s, Ms. O’ Callaghan’s, Ms. O’ Sullivan’s, Ms. O’ Donovan’s and Ms. O’ Brien’s pages for other lovely Easter activities.  We also love to see pictures of children with their work or how they are getting on!

Hope you get lots of chocolate from the Easter bunny. Have fun and I hope you all enjoy them have a happy and safe Easter!

Easter games and activities (1)



Dear parents,


I hope you are all keeping well. I have made a list of some listening and concentration games. These are just some ideas to start with. Please choose what suits you and your child! My e-mail is if you have any queries. Please check Ms. O’ Brien’s, Ms. O’ Donovan’s, Ms. O Callaghan’s, Ms. O’ Sullivan’s and Ms. Dooling’s pages for other resources that will be helpful.


Thank you and stay safe.

Ms. Conway

  1. Mystery Sound Game: Gather up a items that would make a sound (ie scissors, keys, opening a bottle, bunch of keys, musical instrument, a whistle, pepper grinder, toy car etc. Get your child to close their eyes and guess what the sound is. Hide a phone playing a song. Your child has to find it in the room. Ask them are they getting hot or getting cold?!


  1. Clapping: Clap 4 times. Get your child to clap it back to you. Change it up with different speeds, clapping your lap and your head and get them to clap it back to you.


  1. Listening Walk: Go for a walk around home or outside (if you wish)

Before heading outdoors, ask children to predict the sounds they think they will hear.

Listen to the sounds. What do the children hear? What do they think is making that sound? Make a list of the things you hear. If possible, follow a sound to its source.

What happens to the sound as children get closer? What are the loudest sounds the children hear? What are the quietest? Once you’ve finished get them to draw/write 3 things they touched, saw, heard and smelt.


  1. Be the detective: Sing a song or nursery rhyme. Sing a line again with the wrong word. Your child has to be the detective and find the wrong word in the sentence! You can do this with other sentences for older children i.e. I cut my hair with a spoon – what the wrong word in the sentence.


  1. Verbal treasure hunt: Give a verbal list of items to be collected. Start with three close by and increase complexity over time by asking for items which are further away and more.



Week 2: 23rd March 2020


Hope you are all keeping well and enjoying some of the good weather! Here are some more games that help listening and attention skills. Please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any questions or queries!

Kind regards,

Ms. Conway

1. Toss the animal: Give each child a soft toy animal. A hoop, a box or a tea towel in the middle of the circle as a ‘field’ or ‘shed’. The children listen out for their animal’s name, noise, or the words ‘Ready, steady, go!’ before throwing their animals into the field/shed.

2. Who’s wearing what? The children need to listen out for the name of an item of clothing and think about whether or not it is something that they are wearing. Then they have to do a particular action. E.g. ‘If you’re wearing socks, jump into the middle of the circle. Repeat so that each child gets to hear the name of something they are wearing.

3. Find lots of games on:

4. Drop marbles/pencils/something from around the house and drop it into a jar. Get your child to close their eyes and they can listen to how many items are dropped into the jar. Mix it up for older children and get them to count in 2s/5s/10s or get them to start on a number other than zero….. and remember no peaking!!

5. Go outside to your garden or if you are able to safely go for a walk try why not try some scavenger hunts!