Halloween 2020 Term 1 photographs Meditating in the sensory garden!


The children made a great effort to dress up today! Happy Halloween 5th/6th class and enjoy the well deserved break from school! Stay safe and see you after mid term break.

I’ve also included some images from term 1. Thanks for your support.

Kindest regards,

Mr. O’Sullivan aka Batman.

Some Halloween images from 2020 5th/6th class
Well done to Freya for having full attendance last year! Fair play to you Freya!
Halloween dress up 2020
Credit Union Art Competition entries October 2020
Autumn forests- painted in stages. They are brilliant everyone!
Mr. O’Sullivan’s makeover art! It’s a good job I have no feelings!
Leigh’s makeover of her teacher. Ballet shoes suit me, I think?
Mr. O’Sullivan’s makeover example by Megan. Thanks Megan!


Hi parents of 5th/6th,

we decided to visit the sensory garden this morning. It was a beautiful morning and the children enjoyed looking at all the herbs, vegetables and plants in the garden.

Thanks so much to the community association and volunteers for setting up this amazing setting for the school and community members.

We meditated on the astro turf for a while and then chatted about their concerns around Covid-19. It was a fantastic lesson and the children participated fully. Well done 5th and 6th class!