Return to school update – August 24th

Dear Parents,

We hope you have had an enjoyable summer and that you are looking forward to the return to school on Thursday 27th August. We have been busy preparing the school building for the new year and we are confident that the control measures are in place to facilitate the safe re-opening of our school.

We will need your support to help us implement safety guidelines at the school gates and in the general vicinity of the school grounds before and after school. We are recommending that face masks/coverings are worn by adults dropping and collecting children, and we ask that you do not congregate at the school gates before or after drop-off and collection times. We ask that you speak with your children about the importance of social distancing in the morning time and to keep their distance from other children making their way to classrooms.

We are strongly recommending that children walk to and from school where possible. This includes wet mornings and afternoons where children can wear rain clothes. We also recommend parking away from the school and walking to the gate, similar to the Walk on Wednesday initiative we have used in the past with Green Schools.

Children will not be allowed on the school grounds before 9.10am. We ask you please not to drop your children at the school before the gates are open. Parents should not enter the school grounds with their child. Staff will be in school from 9.10am to supervise children and we kindly ask that you respect the parking arrangements in the Upper Glanmire Community Centre between 8.30am-3pm.


Morning drop off – 9.10am-9.30am

We are using 5 entrance and exit gates for drop off and collection.

  1. Main school gate – Ms. O’Shea, Ms. McDonald, Mr. O’Sullivan. Children will walk around the side of the school building to their classroom.
  2. Middle gate – Ms. O’Halloran, Ms. A. Healy, Ms. L. Healy, Ms. O’Toole. Children will enter through the two middle gates and enter the building through the double doors to their  downstairs corridor.
  3. Lower gate (Ros Ard side) – Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Forde, Ms. O’Sullivan, Ms. Tutundjian – Children will enter through the double gates and enter the building through the side door of the building. They will follow the arrows in the stairwell to their classrooms.
  4. Community Centre gate – Mr. Scanlon and Ms. Flanagan. Children will enter the school grounds via the Community Centre and walk directly to their classroom.
  5. Double gates (top yard) – children arriving on the school bus will enter and exit via the double gate in the top yard. They will follow the same routes as above within the school grounds.



2pm collections

Ms. O’Halloran – top yard double gates.

Ms. A. Healy (Jun/Sen Inf.) – middle gates (same as morning)

Ms. L. Healy – lower gate


2.50pm – Surnames A-G             2.55pm Surnames H-M          3.00pm Surnames O-Z


Middle gates

Ms. O’Toole

Ms. Forde


Lower gates

Ms. Fogarty

Ms. O’Sullivan

Ms. Tutundjian


Main gate

Ms. O’Shea

Mr. O’Sullivan

Ms. McDonald


Community Centre gate

Ms. Flanagan

Mr. Scanlon


Children walking home from school will be allowed leave the school unaccompanied with the permission of their parents. Please e-mail your child’s teacher at their address below to request your child be allowed leave the school grounds and the vicinity of the school unaccompanied.


Uniforms & Tracksuits

Children will alternate school uniform and tracksuit throughout the week. We recommend the use of velcro or slip on shoes.

Tracksuit – Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Uniform – Tuesday & Thursday


Books, Pencil cases etc.

At the beginning of the year, all educational materials will remain in school. This includes all schoolbooks, copies and pencil cases. Please keep this in mind before sending materials to school on the first day of term.



Children will bring all lunch waste home daily. Please bring enough water for your child to last the full school day. We will not be in a position to fill re-usable water bottles.



Homework is not a priority as we return to school. The focus will be a safe and happy return to school for all the school community. We will address homework when we have settled back at school.


Walk through videos on the school website will show children the morning routine, including entrance gates, hand sanitizing and directions to classrooms.


Pods and Bubbles

You will have heard of groups within schools being referred to as pods and bubbles. A bubble is simply your child’s class, along with their teacher and other support teachers & SNAs assigned to the class. A pod is the group in which your child will sit. This is no different to how classrooms were previously managed.

Children will remain in their class bubble for the entire school day. Unfortunately, there can be no interaction with other classrooms. Each class will have a designated area to play in the school yard. We ask that children bring a rain jacket to school every day as we intend on playing in the yard unless weather conditions are severe.

The procedures have been agreed with the safety of the children in mind. We ask for your understanding and support, and acknowledge that there may be a need to implement changes to the above if required.


When should I keep my child at home?

Children who are feeling unwell should stay at home and should not come to school. If your child is presenting with any of the following symptoms, please do not send him/her to school.

  • fever / high temperature
  • persistent cough
  • shortness of breath
  • change in senses of taste or smell

We ask you please to commit to checking for these symptoms every morning before sending your child to school.


If there is any concern that your child is presenting with any of the above symptoms, you will be contacted immediately. The school has purchased infrared thermometers for use where there may be a concern. If you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact the school.


E-mail contact

Ms. O’Halloran –

Ms. A. Healy –

Ms. L. Healy –

Ms. O’Toole –

Ms. Forde –

Ms. O’Shea –

Ms. O’Sullivan –

Ms. Flanagan –

Ms. Fogarty –

Ms. Tutundjian –

Mr. O’Sullivan –

Mr. Scanlon –

Ms. McDonald –


Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to seeing the children back in the school from 9.10am on Thursday.


Kind regards,

Patrick O’Connell