Upper Glanmire NS

Anti-Bullying Committee 2017/2018



The Anti-Bullying Committee 2017/2018 got together recently to take a group photograph.

We will post pictures and events details in the notice board section of the website under the tab Anti-Bullying Committee 2017/2018.

For your information, the  Anti-Bullying Committee members for 2017/2018 are;

Teaching staff: Ms. Healy, Mr. O’Sullivan, Ms. Cooney.

Children: Kerri O’Callaghan (6th class), Meadhbh O’Callaghan (5th class) Lucy Galvin (4th class) and Ryan Manley (3rd class).

Parents: Amanda Buckley and Mick Lucey.


friendly_february (2)As part of “Friendship Week 2018” and “Friendly February” this calendar will be distributed to each class to encourage kindness. Today the children in the school have been asked to wear yellow for the skipping demonstration as a sign of friendship.


Anti-Bullying Committee.